Cubans Seeking Immigrant Visas to USA Must Now Go to Guyana

Street in Georgetown, Guyana. Photo:


HAVANA TIMES – The United States announced today that as of April 1, the process of requesting immigrant visas for Cuban citizens will take place at its embassy in Georgetown, Guyana instead of in Colombia as in recent months.

Since January, this process had taken place at the United States embassy in Bogota, Colombia, after most of the personnel was removed from the embassy in Havana after the mysterious attacks on health allegedly suffered by 24 diplomats and relatives on the island.

Washington announced earlier this month that the reduction in personnel was permanent, reflecting the deteriorated relations between the Trump and Castro governments.

“Guyana is going to be the main place for the processing of migratory visa applications for Cubans; the first interviews will take place in June,” the State Department said today. The US urges the applicants not to organize trips to Georgetown, the capital of Guyana, until they possess an approved appointment for the interview, as the State Department must first conclude such operations in Bogotá and prepare for the stepped up service at the Guyana embassy.

Cubans do not need a visa to travel to Guyana although there are some other requirements including a round trip plane ticket, passport with at least three months validity after the travel date and sufficient funds for the stay in Georgetown. 

The Department of State assured that to determine the place for the application for migratory visas it has taken into account several factors, among them the availability of flights.

For routine non-migratory tourist or business visas, the request may continue to be made at any US embassy or consulate outside of Cuba.


9 thoughts on “Cubans Seeking Immigrant Visas to USA Must Now Go to Guyana

  • I would still vote for Trump and Rubio it’s about time they did this, Cubans have had it really good for years and we all know they come for the same reasons as others $$$ not political anymore let’s be honest.

  • get over yourself. you gave no empathy for the cuban people who i am part of . I wonder what motive you had to marry one of them when you care so little about what cubans go through and why they want to immigrate and contribute to this country Like we have been doing for decades. For your information before this happen we did not have uncontrolled immigration from Cuba into the United States. It has been very controlled is just that now your wonderful president has decided that people have to travel from Cuba into another country just to be interviewed.

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  • I guess you have all experienced this “inconvenience.” I was with my future spouse for his interview, the day they closed the Embassy in Havana, October 2nd. I also when through the the epic interview process in Bogota, Colombia. First of all, emigrating to the US of A is a privilege and not a right, as some would have you think. Secondly, the island would empty out completely due to the difficult economic system in plance if Cuba if the exodus is not controlled. The people are just pawns, both here and in Cuba. I prefer to have my cafe con leche and thank god I live in the USA where buying neither is a problem. I feel for the world.

  • Marco Rubio doesn’t care! He agrees with Trump in every way and it makes no sense I don’t think he will keep his seat. He is a weak candidate and the Floridians are sick of him

  • Why would they do this…..

  • What the hell is going on, is there no respect for these people! This is a disaster brought to everyone from Trump and the people who govern in Miami l like Marco Rubio. Trump let me guess this is a trump card to bring down Marco Rubio….. yet its affecting people who are trying to receive a Visa to the US. Your full of shit old man.

  • I wonder if all of those Cuban-Americans who voted for Captain Bone Spurs now regret their decision?

  • This is crazy!

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