Faces of Venezuela

Photo Feature by Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, May 18 – This may well be the photo feature that I did — on Venezuela — with the most love, because at the time I put it together (selecting the images and preparing them for posting on the Internet) I was back home in Cuba.

This may well be because life has played a bad trick on me by allowing me to fall in love with one of the women depicted here.

This may well be because I was more thorough in examining the looks of each person that I froze in time and captured through the lens of my camera.

Of course I wasn’t doing any anthropological study, and I definitely allowed myself to take many more faces of women and children.

I’m not saying any more, because it has always seem better to me for each person to look and feel without the influence of the sounds of words.

Caridad was in Venezuela working for a year and returned to Cuba  in February.

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