Guantanamo, Cuba Celebrates Its Birthday

Photo Feature by Reynaldo La O

Guantanamo, Cuba

HAVANA TIMES – Celebrations to commemorate the 149th anniversary of our Guantanamo being granted “City” status, kicked off December 1st in Cuba’s youngest city. It takes place in spite of the slow progress here when compared to other provinces in the country.

With more comfortable public spaces, its streets and architecture dating back to Spanish colonial times, the City center is an attraction to anyone who comes to visit.

The following photos were taken at the place where the city began to grow, known as El Saltadero, where there was only an old train station and some houses. However, today, it has a plaza where people come to relax and have a good time in the places that surround it.

Today, we are living a period of greater challenges in terms of progress, but the local government in this far eastern city take this date as a target heading to December 1, 2020, when the City celebrates its 150th anniversary.

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3 thoughts on “Guantanamo, Cuba Celebrates Its Birthday

  • Whereas I have no regard for Trump Gord, he is not the cause of the pain which Cubans have suffered under sixty years of communist repression with the Castro brothers as successive dictators. and now Raul Castro’s puppet Diaz-Canel. But, certainly it is better to wear a T-shirt deploring Trump, than to wear one promoting the image of Dr . Ernesto de La Serna Lynch, the butcher of La Caballa and whose determination was to form the people of Cuba into a submissive “mass”.
    I speak as one who has also supported the people (not the regime) of Cuba for many years with some of the basics including housing, bicycles, plumbing, electrical supplies etc.
    Removal of the tyranny of communism does not necessitate US intervention or the adoption of its political system. Your own country of Canada’s political system is far preferable and the recent Federal election there again demonstrated that given choice, people do not want communism. The communist candidates in Canada gleaned a total of 0.2% of the vote. Obviously Canadians prefer democracy and there is nothing to indicate that Cubans are any different. They however are denied the opportunity to decide.
    Trump has exacerbated existing problems in Cuba, not created them.
    Viva Cuba libre!

  • Trump is a devil
    And i wear a tee shirt with that
    I dispise him for the pain
    He has caused the cuban people.
    I have supported cuba for last 15 yrs
    With shoes, hats, bikes etc
    Parrysound ont. Canada

  • Lucky Guantanamo obviously got a delivery of blue paint. It makes a welcome change to see hoardings of the city rather than the political masters.

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