Guantanamo, Where People Are More Beautiful

Photo report by Caridad

Guantánamo, Cuba

Perhaps it’s my personal taste, but I believe that one of the provinces where you’ll find more beautiful people is the most eastern of our provinces: Guantanamo.  Undoubtedly, the issue of beauty, like everything else, is quite relative, and each person has their own preferences.  It’s likely that Joseito Fernandez shared my same opinion when he created that famous song Guantanamera.

When I was on my way to that province, the only things that came to mind were images of blazing temperatures and the total drought that had attacked the area a few years ago. However, the landscape was much nobler and greener than what I’d expected.

Guantánamo, Cuba

The city was also much more pleasant than I imagined, although without the charm of Camaguey or the magnificence of some areas of Cienfuegos.  I liked downtown Guantanamo, in constant recovery, for the variety of its cultural and dining choices, which is not very common in other parts of the country.

Walking through its streets turned out to be amusing, because the men there are very uninhibited and imaginative when flattering women with their piropos (compliments), plus they’re without the aggressiveness demonstrated in Havana or Santiago, to mention only two provinces.

Sure, like I already said, everything is a question of taste, of circumstances.  But it’s a bit difficult to deceive the camera lens, and these pictures are the images that it captured.

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One thought on “Guantanamo, Where People Are More Beautiful

  • Thanx again for all the pictures. Can’t wait for videos of cuban daily life too, when your fiber-optik cable is finally operational…

    You can’t help but notice the general lack of money in Guantanamo here, as everywhere in Cuba; but also how the infrastructure goals still seem to be measured by bourgeois-capitalist standards. Hopefully cubans will soon be able to move past both these, and the older stalinist ones, to real socialist aims for the entire population. For instance: a lot of these people are ‘hanging out’ in the streets, instead of engaged in other activity. It’s my suspicion that they lack facilities in which to ‘hang out’ ‘in style’ — like their own clubs and coffee shops, etc. i.e.: those not catering to tourists, etc. Besides there perhaps not being enuff motivating and enjoyable employment available, possibly.

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