Havana Times 12th Photo Contest Announcement

Photo by Jose Cespedes, a special mention in the 9th Contest (2017)

Here’s How You Can Participate

HAVANA TIMES – The year 2023 is about to begin and we invite you to take advantage of your creativity to participate in our 12th photo contest.

We have already received the first entries. We would love to see the works that you can contribute to the contest.

This year there are seven categories: 




Four legged beings




Recognitions: All semifinalist and finalist photos will be published and prominently displayed for several days by Havana Times.  This year we are unable to offer cash prizes. However, the winners and special mentions will each receive an attractive certificate for their achievement.

Contest rules

1.– Professional and amateur photographers of all ages and nationalities may participate.

2.– The photos must have been taken in Cuba, or Nicaragua, Chile or Venezuela, the other countries we have prioritized this last year.  It doesn’t matter when they were taken.

3.– The photographs must be entered under the following categories:  Joy, Protest, Surprise, Four Legged Beings, Agriculture, Struggling, Pandemic.

A maximum of three pictures can be sent for each category.  There is no minimum.

4.Photos must be sent in attachments in jpg format with the longest edge no greater than 1080 pixels or a maximum weight of 500 kb. They may be horizontal, vertical, or square. There should be no water marks or credits imbedded on the photos.  If you have any questions on this please ask. 

5.Number the photos within each category.  For example: Joy 1, Joy 2, and Joy 3.   Struggling 1, Struggling 2, Struggling 3, etc.  And separately in a text document send us a short caption for each photo.

6.Sending us your pictures: Photographs should be sent as attachments and not embedded in the e-mail message. To submit photos send them to our contest curator Axel Saenz at: [email protected]  with a copy to [email protected]

7.The deadline for submissions is May 15, 2023

8.– During the selection process Havana Times will publish the semifinalists, finalists, and winning images.

9.– Participation in the contest implies acceptance by the author that the photos submitted will be included in the archives of HT and may be used in Havana Times and the social networks where HT is present (with due credit to the author).

10.– Prizes: The certificates to the winners and special mentions will be sent via email or on a cloud drive or both, depending on the wishes of the persons.

11.– Contest winners will be announced on or before July, 15, 2023, through HT. This decision is final.

12.– Participation in the competition implies acceptance of each and every one of the rules. HT is empowered to resolve any contingency not provided for in the Rules.

13.– THE JURY will be composed of 15-20 members, including photographers, writers, and Havana Times guest readers from several different countries.

For any questions or for more information contact: Axel Saenz at: [email protected]

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