HT Announces Cuba Photo Contest 2013

The deadline to send in photos for the contest was September 15, 2013. Over 90 persons sent in their pictures.  The jury is now in session and we hope to be announcing the  winners by the end of October, following several rounds of selection.

By Circles Robinson

Photo: Elio Delgado Valdes

HAVANA TIMES — After a great response in 2012, the time has come to begin our Cuba HT Photo Contest for the year 2013. This is the fifth contest, one for each year of HT.

There are five categories and each carries with it a First Prize of US $75.  There will also be two special mentions per category.  All finalists and semifinalists’ photos will be published and prominently displayed on the pages of HT.

People of any nationality are welcome to participate.

Here are the five categories for photos taken in Cuba:

1)     LINES (queues), any and all types of lines photographed on the island.

2)     TRANSPORTATION, any and all types of transportation used on the island.

3)     RAIN, any photo taken of a rain scene in Cuba. (Be careful not to damage your camera trying!)

4)     DANCE, anything related to dance in Cuba.

5)     GARDENS, any and all types of gardens in Cuba.

Each entering photographer can send a maximum of three photos per category.

Photos must not be larger than 250 kb and sent in .jpg format.  All larger photos will not be accepted.

Each photo should have a short caption as its title. It can be in English or Spanish.

A Havana Times jury of at least 20 photographers, writers, translators and guest readers will judge the photos and, as in our first four contests, we will publish the semifinalists, finalists and prize winners.

In sending us your photos, as a condition you will be giving Havana Times the right to use them in our online publication with your respective by-line and in the social networks where HT has a presence.

The deadline for submitting photos is September 15, 2013.  We will announce the winners by October 31, 2013.  To submit photographs or for more information write: [email protected].

See the results of the previous HT Photo Contests.





Photo: Elio Delgado Valdes




5 thoughts on “HT Announces Cuba Photo Contest 2013

  • Wht not have a contest of photos from the USA for Cubans to see and vote on?

  • The prize is in USD because the CUC has no value outside of Cuba and we send the prizemoney by Western Union.

  • Why is the prize in USD??? I would rather have to come back to Cuba and claim my prize in CUC (and maybe meet the staff) Just wondering…

  • The reason for the 250 kb rule is to allow Cubans in Cuba to participate since they have access to very slow connections and can’t send higher resolution pictures. None the less I think you’ll see we got some great shots during the first four years with the same limitation.

  • Hmm… The categories are quite odd for a photography contest, but since they change year to year I’m fine with that. The 250 kb rule in the other hand is kind of silly for a contest, and jpg is about the worst possible format. It basically means low quality pictures with severe limits in both image and palette resolution.

    It kinds of levers the filed between the camera technology used at the expense of quality, but still DSLR users will have a huge advantage.

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