In Cienfuegos, Cuba with Benny

Photo Feature by Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, August 29 — They say that it’s the cleanest city in all Cuba, and it’s true that I couldn’t find any vestiges of dirt on its main streets – even when it was 5:00 in the afternoon I stumbled upon several workers sweeping the parks of the town center.

The people of Cienfuegos are among the proudest I’ve ever found. Most assured me that they wouldn’t ever live in the capital for anything in the world. I myself love the bay, famous among singers for its beauty.

And speaking of singers, another pride of Cienfuegos is one of the ones counted as being among the greatest and most famous of Cuban singers: Benny Moré.

In the main park —between old banks and recently pruned trees— Cienfuegos residents placed this homage to the great Cuban singer.

Everyone goes there from children to the oldest city dwellers, anxious to see and remember, or simply to have a photo taken with El Benny.

But for me, the best in Cienfuegos is not in the city proper; I prefer the areas outside of town – in its mountains and fields. That’s where I hope to go the next time.

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  • Thank u caridad,,Cienfuegos holds a lot of memories the family cienfuegos owned mine..That was a long time ago..and it has been made right

  • Awesome story and beautiful photos. Peace and love to all those who come from and live in the most
    grandest of all countries. (This is from a former resident of Hawaii!)

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