Melt With You: Hecho en México

HAVANA TIMES – S.E Lewinski is a long-time Havana Times reader who has contributed several of her photographs. She recently published this book available in both English and Spanish and welcomes our readers to obtain it.

By S.E. Lewinski

A book that reflects on the many experiences in the life of a Latin American woman. First written in English and then translated by A.N. Terry in Cuba and Susana De Los Santos in Mexico. The translation was mainly completed with file exchange on Whatsapp to bridge the international boundaries in cooperation.

Though the book is distributed in the US, it was decided to make it readily available across Latin America so everyone can enjoy it. A link is provided below with multiple options for access.  As noted the USA author of the book has been to Cuba multiple times and also Susana from Mexico, with hopes to return in the near future!

As part of the design for the eBook, the contents has pictures in each chapter and links to Youtube music that fits the story. This brings to life a new aspect for eBooks to enjoy more than just words. Hey, you even get to meet Taco in person besides just a written image of him. The entire music playlist is provided in English and Spanish subtitles for the reader. 

About the story…it is written as a romance comedy to provide a sense of humor close to the streets in Mexico. The main character Juana Velasco labors in a traditional role earning money to support her mother and two brothers. Juana in chapter one is fired from an American company that she reflects is totally unjustifiable. Being thrown out (literally) of the company she ends up in the dirt parking lot out back, and so begins her story. Juana meets a little street dog, and while laying on the dirt, and though she does not realize it at the time, the dog will change her life! 

As the story progresses, Juana being poor and unemployed has to come to grips, maybe she is just a woman Made in Mexico, and not ever going to make anything of her life. But, the thing Juana does possess is something special…tenacity! A woman of determination that when needed can kick some butt! Falling on her face a few times, she gets back up to fight the fight. As part of that fight she decided to become an entrepreneur and though poor, has a grand idea how to earn money to start her new business. 

The book has been reviewed by women in Mexico, Nicaragua, Chile, Colombia, Australia, Peru, US, and Cuba. The comments have included, “I laughed, I cried, and Love Juana and Taco.” The ending of the book is something special that every reader is completely surprised. Positive, upbeat, and motivating as Juana turns her life around and learns a valuable lesson. In life, if you are successful, you have to pay it forward to help others out. Juana takes this lesson in stride and does some amazing things.

Now the romantic part…Juana decides she needs to find herself a gringo north of the border. Yes an Americano gringo who can bring her happiness, adventure, and love. Well you can imagine how that turns out, and what can happen especially with the cultural differences between the US and Mexico. Of course, Juana finds herself in some tough situations while she is fishing for her gringo that are insane and treacherous. 

If you need a break from the traditional romance novel to engage in totally crazy, then maybe Juana is the book for you. Consider taking a risk to learn what a “Victory Pee” is and possibly change your life! Hopefully, the contents of this book will bring energy, peace, love, and happiness to your life, along with a positive smile!


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