Murdered Nicaraguan Journalist’s Widow Speaks Out

Five years after his murder: “I have not stopped loving you a single day.”

Angel Gahona and Migueliuth Sandoval

Journalist Angel Gahona was murdered while giving live coverage of civic protests against Daniel Ortega’s regime in Bluefields.

By La Prensa

HAVANA TIMES – The widow of murdered journalist Angel Gahona, Migueliuth Sandoval, published a message of love and grief for the loss of her husband, after the fifth anniversary of his death on April 21.

“I have not stopped loving you for a single day of my life. Your unique smile remains in my mind, my moods change from one moment to another and crying has become something more than normal and routine in my daily life. To talk about you, about how you were, what you did and what you dedicated yourself to, reaffirms to me that you are irreplaceable. Angel Eduardo, here you are greatly missed, my love. I try to be strong day after day, but that emptiness and loneliness that you left shakes my heart. Many times I have felt lost, fragile, and alone in this country,” Sandoval, also a journalist, wrote on her Facebook account.

Journalist Angel Gahona was murdered while covering the civil protests against the regime of Daniel Ortega, in the coastal city of Blueffields, in the southern Caribbean, where we was originally from. His murder was recorded by other journalists who tried to help him when he fell to the ground hit by the bullets.

“I never thought of losing you and worse in that way in a live broadcast. That was April 21, 2018, now marks the fifth anniversary, and I mourn you like the first day,” Sandoval also wrote in her message.

Migueliuth Sandoval, journalist Angel Gahona’s widow, demanding justice in Managua for the murder of her husband. Photo taken from Facebook.

After his death, Sandoval and Gahona’s parents dedicated themselves to denouncing his murder and demanding justice, which placed them in the sights of Ortega’s sympathizers, who began to threaten and attack them. Sandoval had to leave the country due to the threats and harassment from the Sandinistas, and since then lives in exile with her two children.

Angel Gahona’s father, who never stopped denouncing the murder of his son, died in September 2021, without getting justice.

The Gahona family. Photo taken from Facebook.

Sandoval also wrote in her message about the hardness of exile and struggle to raise her children in another country.

“The struggle that I have set myself is to help our daughter get ahead, make sure that she lacks nothing and becomes a professional, and fill her with the love she deserves to be happy. My angel, you know how much I would give to have you here and for you to see and share with us all the different experiences that we live with our daughter on a daily basis,” she writes in another fragment of her message.

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