My Son’s First Photography Mini Set

By Reynaldo La O

HAVANA TIMES – The youngest of my two children spent the afternoon somewhat mysterious. He came and went, with his hands occupied with paper and scissors, old toys, clips and something else. The intrigue overcame me, and I looked into the room where everything happened.

Ernestico was arranging his first photography mini-set.

I knew about his interest in photography from his going out with me from time to time and asking to take one or another shot of any subject.

However, it soon surprised me, when with 11 years of age he already managed to mount his first sets, even with few lights and other elements to achieve a better composition and exposure, but he achieved his final goal.

Now it’s up to Dad to perfect some details regarding lights, angles, expressiveness, what should go in a frame and what to discard, and many other tricks to achieve better results.

Applause for this beginner of photographic art, here are his photos…

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One thought on “My Son’s First Photography Mini Set

  • He has learned from you! Beautiful! My dear late husband and I raised three sons. Eleven years old is memorable for me of all three.

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