Nicaragua: Demanding Justice Through Art

A month after the beginning of the student demonstrations, the youth are still in the streets, demanding justice through their art.

By Yamiek Mojica L / Franklin Villavicencio  (Confidencial/Niu)

HAVANA TIMES – Young people continue marching in the streets a month after the first protests that erupted over the huge wildfire in the Indio Maiz biological reserve. Their “weapons” are the placards demanding justice, the strumming of guitars for an end to violence and the song lyrics demanding freedom.

On May 10, the National Coalition of Nicaraguan University Students organized a cultural rally for the unity of the student movement. Different emerging artists displayed their talent in the activity that was held as part of the protests for the situation in Nicaragua.

The University Coalition is a group that brings together the different student movements that have formed as a result of the April demonstrations. “We’ve organized this event in response to the people’s clamor for our unity. We’re here from different universities. The people wanted our unity: here it is,” affirmed Lesther Aleman, member of the Nicaraguan University Alliance. Aleman affirmed that over the next several days they’ll organize more cultural acts like this one.

This photo gallery highlights the best moments from the rally:

The activity began just after 3 pm and was attended by students from the different Managua universities. “This is a cry for justice!” they stated. Photo: Franklin Villavecencio / Niu


The university artists many Nicaraguan revolutionary songs. “Since I was little I was brought up with a thirst for justice and revolution,” , said Bruno Canales, a musician at the UNAN Managua. Franklin Villavicencio | Niú
Artists from different disciplines presented in the cultural rally. The message was clear: “We’re united and we want justice.” Photo: Franklin Villavecencio / Niu


Participants from the movement #MadresDeAbril arrived at the Cultural Rally after holding their own demonstration. They stated that they would continue to demonstrate for this entire month in pursuit of justice for the death of their children. Photo: Franklin Villavecencio / Niu


There was also a demonstration of yoga as part of the event. “We all have different ways of manifesting ourselves,” they affirmed. Photo: Franklin Villavecencio / Niu

The participants arrived with their faces covered as a form of protest and a security measure. They stated that they’re afraid of suffering reprisals for expressing themselves. Photo: Franklin Villavecencio / Niu

In the demonstration they paid homage to those youth who had been killed in the last month. Photo: Franklin Villavecencio / Niu
Residents who were passing by stopped to participate in the cultural rally. Photo: Franklin Villavecencio / Niu
Singer-songwriters presented songs they’d written about the situation in the country. Photo: Franklin Villavecencio / Niu
Vehicles that went by the rally honked their horns to show support for the students. Photo: Franklin Villavecencio / Niu