Photo Feature by Elio Delgado Valdés

HAVANA TIMES — An attractive and modern brewery is now open on the Avenida del Puerto (Port Ave.), in Old Havana, opposite the Paula Church. The tourist attraction is part of the revitalization of the heritage area made possible by the relocation of port activities to Mariel, west of the capital.


The brewery has Austrian equipment and can simultaneously serve 430 persons, offering three types of beer: light, dark and black, plus light meals including a children’s menu. Prices are in CUC.


The main hall features two murals, works Edel Rodriguez, Raul Valdes and Nelson Ponce and in the center is a flamenco performance area.

The daily production capacity of the brewery is 900 liters and it is open from 12:00 noon to midnight serving the high demand of Cuban and foreign customers.

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7 thoughts on “Old Havana’s New Port Ave. Brewery

  • We saw this brewery a few days after it opened, it was full of locals, no tourists, watching soccer live, it looked like great fun

  • When did that happen Dan? Was there anything else in your car they might have been looking for? Who threatened you and what was the threat?

    Here’s an interesting article on the topic:

    “U.S. man tries, fails to get arrested for travel to Cuba”

    “Mytchell Mora, a U.S. citizen, has been to Cuba four times in the last tens years and hasn’t managed to get in any trouble – despite his best efforts.Mora actually wants to get arrested for violating the United States’ ban on travel to Cuba (which was reduced slightly by President Obama to allow restricted travel by those with family in Cuba) as a way of protesting a policy he thinks discriminates against non-Cuban Americans and unfairly punishes the Cuban people.”


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