Pedro Molina Draws 31 of those Killed by the Ortega Regime

The cartoonist pays homage to them, remembering their lives as part of #Inktober 2018.


By Keyling T. Romero  (Confidencial)

HAVANA TIMES – Each day during the month of October, Nicaraguan cartoonist Pedro X. Molina drew a portrait of one of the persons who were killed since the protests against the government began in April.  He did this as part of the worldwide initiative Inktober created by US illustrator Jake Parker, in which illustrators from all over the world created pen and ink drawings to return to “the origins of design”.

“I wasn’t going to participate this year because of what is happening here.  I really wasn’t in the mood to do another playful thing, but then I looked at it as another way/one more way to honor the victims of repression,” says Molina.

When he decided to draw the regime’s victims, Molina already had a list with names of those he was hoping to draw.   Nevertheless, he notes that after sharing the first drawings through social media, many of the relatives and friends of the more than 300 who died between April and September of this year reached out to him, asking him to include their loved ones in the project.

 “They wrote me and told me about their loved ones, including details of the moments in which their loved ones died, how painful the situation has been … it was really very moving because many of the words that you will see written in my drawings or even the photos that I use, were sent to me by the family members and friends themselves…” he adds.

In using #Inktober2018 as a space to recognize and honor the regime’s victims, Molina tried to include people who were killed in different parts of Nicaragua, as well as people of different ages, since the dead included babies to adults.


#Inktober2018 al estilo de PXMolina:

Orlando Francisco Perez, 24 years old, was an engineering student in Renewable Energy in the Multidisciplinary Regional Faculty (Farem) in Estelí.  He was killed on April 20th with a gunshot to the chest.


Angel Gahona, 42 years old, was a journalist and died from a gunshot to the head as he was live streaming the protests in Bluefields.


Faber Lopez, was a police officer and had asked to leave the force days before he was assassinated.  According to the medical authorities, he died from a gunshot to the head on July 8th, but his mother insists that the police tortured him until he died.


Erick Cubillo, 36 years old, worked for Enatrel and had a two-year-old daughter.  He died on April 20th near the Cathedral of Managua. 


Rayneia Lima, 31 years old, had moved from Brazil, her native country, to study medicine in Nicaragua.  She was assassinated by paramilitary forces while driving in the Lomas de Monserrat neighborhood.


Matt Romero, 16 years old.  A high school student, he died of a gunshot to the chest during a demonstration on September 23rd.


Alvaro Gomez, Studied Banking and Finance in the Carlos Fonseca Amador University Campus (RUCFA) in Managua.   He died of a gunshot to the chest on April 20th in Monimbó.  His father was a Sandinista guerrilla. 


Junior Gaitan, was 15 years old and was affectionately known as Pollito. He died on Saturday, June 2 from a gunshot wound after he had begged the police not to kill him.


Marlon Meneses Martinez, died on April 20th outside the National Engineering University.  He lived in Ciudad Sandino and was a high school student.


Jose Abraham Castro, was assassinated on June 8th when a group of paramilitaries attacked a barricade in Jinotega.  He was 17 years old and worked for a mechanic.


Jeisson Chavarria, 24 years old, died on April 21st during the protests.  He lived in Ticuantepe and drove a mototaxi.


Jessner Rivas, 16 years old, died of a bullet to the chest in the April 22nd confrontations between civilians and police officers near the Palí supermarket in the La Fuente barrio.


Giovanni Sobalvarro, was assassinated on the night of April 20th, as he protested in Sebaco, Matagalpa. He was 23 years old.


Gerald Vaszuez was one of the young people assassinated during the paramilitaries’ 17-hour siege against students who were seeking refuge in the Divine Mercy parish.


Moroni Lopez, 22 years old, lived in Ciudad Sandino and died near Metrocentro from a gunshot wound.  He was a Mormon and worked as a gardener in his church.


Teyler Lorio, died at 14 months, without having learned to walk.  He took a bullet in his head as he was being held in his father’s arms.


Harlinton Lopez, he was 18 years old.  Months before he was assassinated, he had moved to Managua from Siuna because he wanted “to have a better future”.


Donald Lopez, assassinated in cold blood.  He was 27 years old and according to what his family recounts, he told the police officer who killed him, “If you’re going to shoot, shoot”.


Marcelo Mayorga, was one of the six people who died during the “cleanup” operation that the police and paramilitaries carried out in Masaya.  He was 40 years old, and a merchant.


Alvaro Conrado, was the first teenager to be killed by Ortega regime’s repression.  He died from a bullet wound to the neck and his last words were, “it hurts to breathe”.


Michael Humberto Cruz, died during a confrontation between students from the Upoli and the riot police.  He suffered wounds to the chest and head.  He was 30 years old.


Ezequiel Mendoza, 22 years old, died while filming a march called by women from the Orontes Centeno barrio in Tipitapa.  He was killed by two shots to the abdomen.


Jorge Zepeda died at a barricade when paramilitaries and police attacked Masaya.  He was 33 years old and was known as “Chabelo”.


Leyting Chavarria, died at the hands of paramilitaries who attacked the Sandino barrio in Jinotega.  He was 16 years old. 


Sandor Dolmus, died at a barricade near his house in Leon.  He was 16 years old and an altar boy – and was dressed as one for his burial.


Michael Gonzalez, 33 years old, died on May 30th from a gunshot to the chest as he took part in the march known as “the mother of all marches”. 


Carlos Erick Lopez,  lived in Niquinohomo and was a teacher.  He was 34 years old and died at the hands of paramilitaries on June 3rd.


Humberto Parrales y Noel Calderon,  father and son, were killed by paramilitaries in the Bello Horizonte neighborhood.


Darwin Potosme, was known as “Comandante Fafo”.  He was 23 years old and was assassinated in Estelí at a protest.  He was a student in renewable energy engineering and was also a rapper.


Franco Valdivia, was a student of industrial engineering in Estelí. He was a rapper.  His body was exhumed and it was confirmed that the shot to his head had destroyed his brain.


Daryeli y Matias Vasquez, infants, were burned alive with their parents in the Carlos Marx barrio. Their deaths caused national outrage.



Carlos Alejandro Ochoa, was 18 years old, a student, with dreams of being a chef.  He lived in Jinotepe and was assassinated on July 8th.  

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