“Shapes and Divisions” Art Exhibit in Cojimar, Havana

Text and Photos by Nike

By Cuban painter Jose Clemente Gascon Martinez

HAVANA TIMES – Yesterday, I visited the Mariano Rodriguez art gallery in Cojimar’s Villa Panamericana. I was looking for a new exhibition to share with you. This gallery always opens a new exhibition in the first few days of the month, that can then be visited for the rest of the month.

I arrived this time as they were setting up a new exhibition. I was welcomed by the curator and the gallery director who allowed me to take some photos so that you, my dear readers, could see this wonderful series called Fractales y Bifurcaciones (Shapes and Divisions) by Cuban painter Jose Clemente Gascon Martinez.

The clean colors and their beautiful handling is a quality I really admire in artists. Bright colors and, in Jose Clemente’s particular case, his interpretation of fractals takes me to landscapes: the sea and mountains blend together in brilliant blues with exquisite textures.

Exhibition openings are currently taking place without audiences but anyone who wants to see this exhibition can pass by the Mariano Rodriguez art gallery in Villa Panamerican, here is the website: www.galeria Mariano Roriguez.com and the address is 78th street, building 28, on the corner of 5th, Villa Panamericana, Cojimar, Habana del Este, Havana.

I invite you to visit this exhibition, and here are some photos for you to enjoy.

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