Summer Activity in Havana

Photo Feature by Elio Delgado

Kids parade

HAVANA TIMES, July 20 — Summer activities especially for children are taking place around the Cuban capital.

The Sports Institute, Cuban TV and the University Students Association put on open-air events such as the one captured here.

This Sunday morning included the group Carnavaleando and Marcolina and her Sombrilla Amarilla (Yellow umbrella) children’s TV personalities.


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One thought on “Summer Activity in Havana

  • Maybe one way for a socialist society to organize summer kids’ events is to have a long list of suggested activities that the kids could organize in detail for themselves (with a little help, of course). Far less ‘top-down’ stuff.

    Then I wonder what the kids would actually prefer to choose — or even suggest themselves. And how that might change over the years of experience with such a method.

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