The 2020 International Women’s Day March in Panama (Photo feature)

By Naturase


HAVANA TIMES – The march for International Women’s Day in Panama City went from Porras Park to what is known as the Coastal Belt. To the rhythm of the tamborito drum demands were made including equal rights and an end to the salary gap.

They shouted slogans like: “Hey mate, I don’t want your machismo”; “Motherhood will be desired or won’t be”; “Sister, friend, if he hits you he doesn’t love you”, “It is not women against men, but everyone against the patriarchy.”

Different banners had messages urging women’s empowerment. Voices of women migrants were also heard, from countries including Chile, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Arriving at the coastline several of the feminist groups read statements and there were performances and an open mic.  One of the participants making a strong impact were the Embera Wuonan women who demanded that Panama’s president revoke the permits issued to loggers in their indigenous territories. 

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