Wake up! Pablo Milanes Told Mobs Serving the Cuban Regime

Popular Cuban singer-songwriter and guitarist Pablo Milanes offered a message of support for the protests called for 15N. (EFE)

Yotuel Romero, one of the singers on the song Patria y Vida” wrote: “November 15th will change History for our suffering people.”

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HAVANA TIMES – “It’s beautiful to see us come together and express our demand for absolute freedom with flowers,” wrote singer-songwriter Pablo Milanes in a message of support for the protests called for Monday in all of Cuba. Like the author of Yolanda and Yo no te pido, dozens of Cuban and foreign artists have expressed their support for the Civil Protest for Change on November 15th.

“My contempt for these mobs they use to “represent the best of our people”. I’m embarrassed that people of my race lend themselves to be like those old runaway slave hunters, who shared their same agony and pain. They are using them. “Wake up,” Milanes specified as he expressed his support “for playwright Yunior Garcia Aguilera and every Cuban who is fighting in and outside Cuba.”

The folk singer also shared the lyrics of his song Flores del future (Flowers of the future), along with a video of a live performance of the song at a concert in Alicante (Spain), on November 11th. Among the song’s verses, you can find: “Not everything is dead/ somebody is awake/ who will be thinking/ for you and themself.”

“All eyes are on our brothers and sisters on the island. Eyes on Cuba,” Rosa Maria Paya asked from Miami, after the Cuban government denied authorization for a plane to land on the island on Monday morning, carrying the activist and member of European Parliament Hermann Tertsch and influencer Alexander Otaola to support the protests. “Today, the regime was able to stop them, but the reunification of our country is unstoppable, because Cubans both in and outside Cuba have decided that it’s time to recover their Homeland and Life,” Paya wrote on her social media.

Yotuel Romero, one of the singers on the song “Patria y Vida” wrote: “November 15th will change History for our suffering people.” Alexander Delgado, from the duo Gente de Zona and also a singer on the song Patria y Vida, which has become an anthem for protests on the island, condemned the hate rallies against dissidents who have made their intention to take part in the civil protest known. “The reality is that protest is a universal right,” he said.

“Today is another day that you have a bit more disdain for this dictatorship,” Yomil Hidalgo wrote on his social media on Sunday. The post was accompanied by a photo of the silhouette of the island of Cuba made out of white roses. “It’s extremely hard to live a limited existence and be repudiated for thinking differently, no more injustice, Cuba doesn’t belong to anyone or a handful of people, it belongs to every Cuban,” the reggaeton singer who lives in Havana added, and he asked for freedom “for our people.”

Another urban musician who spoke out was Puerto Rican singer Don Omar: “I’m with my Cuban brothers and sisters, I am betting on the freedom and justice that they so desperately need. They’ve spent too long in isolation, with shortages, abuse, those who have been innocent and died in their quest for respect for other people’s rights, which has always been peace.” In other messages of support for the protests, the hashtags #15N and #somosmasynotenemosmiedo and #patriayvida were used.

For his part, clarinet player, saxophonist and composer Paquito D’Rivera sent a “solidarity greeting” for every Cuban who is going to take part in the 15N protest “for Cuba’s final freedom”, which has been “a prisoner of totalitarianism for over 60 years.”

In a broadcast on social media during a protest to support 15N in Miami on Sunday, trumpet player and pianist Arturo Sandoval and actor Andy Garcia – both of Cuban origin – stated their “support for the struggle for freedom in Cuba.”

“It’ll soon be 63 years of this shameful dictatorship in Cuba. It’s too much. I believe that these people need freedom, they need to know what freedom is,” Sandoval said. In regard to 15N, he said that it was a day that “every Cuban had been anxiously waiting for.”

“This is the time to tell the Cuban people that we are with them,” Garcia said, who stressed: “We can’t let this repressive dictatorship exist in Cuba any longer.”

“The young people in Cuba who I really believe in, will be able to prove to the world what living in freedom and democracy is, and they are going to be able to show the success of what a new Cuba is,” musician Emilio Estefan said. His wife, singer Gloria Estefan also expressed her support for 15N and pointed out that Cubans “will raise their voices peacefully like they did on July 11th, to express their disgruntlement with this regime that has oppressed them for over 62 years.”

Actor William Levy asked for the World to set its eyes on the island. “Let the whole world see what is happening. We need all of your support to end this dictatorship,” he wrote on Instagram. “I left Cuba one day, but Cuba never left me,” he wrote in another post.

“It’ll soon be 63 years of this shameful dictatorship in Cuba. It’s too much. I believe that these people need freedom, they need to know what freedom is.”

Panamanian singer-songwriter Ruben Blades expressed his complete support for the Cuban people and their right for free determination in a video posted on his Facebook profile, on Sunday. “I believe in an exchange of ideas, I believe in the possibility of a society that can determine its own path and destiny, so I stand with the Cuban people, like I always have,” the musician stated.

“In the cases of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, we have always supported those who demand freedom to speak their minds, the right to vote and we condemn government repression by these dictatorships,” he added.

On November 10th, a group of former Leftist presidents, artists and writers who support the Cuban regime, signed a letter published by official media outlet Cubadebate, in which they blame the US for any protest against the Cuban Government. They also asked the US “to stop their attempts to destabilize a country that has never done anything to threaten its security.” Journalist Ignacio Romanet, writers Adolfo Perez Esquivel and Martin Almada, as well as Chico Buarque, were some of the signees.

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