Weddings at the Capitol Building

Photo Feature by Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, June 6 — Until some years ago, getting a picture taken in front of the Capitol Building in Havana was something Cuban campesinos did.  Later it was also common to see foreigners doing the same.

For the first time, tourists and farmers mingled happily in the same place.

These days Cubans don’t get embarrassed having their pictures taken at this site; among so many tourists and the passersby looking for shade, no one will notice them.

But a wedding is another matter.

It’s difficult to pass by unnoticed if you show up in a fancy Chevy from the 1950s and a full entourage of photographers and maids of honor.

Nowadays, people take pleasure in marking “sweet 15” celebrations and weddings in the plazas and old buildings of Havana. I wonder why?

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