Yotuel Romero: “Dictatorships Try to Silence Art”

Cuban musician Yotuel Romero

The singer on “Patria y Vida” (Homeland and life) supported the exclusion of Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba from the Summit of the Americas

By 100% Noticias

HAVANA TIMES – “In their songs artists express the feeling of the people, that is why dictatorships fear free art, because a song, a good book, a good poem can reach the hearts not only of your country but of the world. That is why democracies where art is free are very important,” said the Cuban singer and activist Yotuel Romero.

The singer on “Patria y Vida” (Homeland and life) supported the exclusion of Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba from the Summit of the Americas, an activity to which he was invited to participate in the forums related to civil society.

“Countries where the people democratically elect their representatives should be invited. In this case, neither Nicaragua, Venezuela nor Cuba meets that requirement. In the case of Cuba, which is the one I know the most, no one elected that person they have as president. Clearly, he should not be invited when he does not comply with a fundamental right which are human rights.”

Romero added that he wants to make known the situation of Cuban political prisoners, the lack of human rights, the lack of freedom and the desire that nation has to be free and live in a democracy. “The message is the end of the dictatorship. And to tell Latin America that Cuba is prepared to face a transition.”

“Dictatorships try to silence art every day, that’s why we continue to defend art wherever we are,” he told 100% Noticias. He said we must continue fighting with art, despite the fact that for now carrying out artistic actions is criminalized.

Romero noted that the Internet has become a fundamental tool to denounce the realities of Cuba and other nations. He also celebrated that on the island this information vehicle gains more ground every day. “I am going to continue contributing my grain of sand to the fight, as much as I can.”

In addition to resisting with art, Yotuel Romero has denounced that the Cuban government mistreats and imprisons people, and that on the island there is a system of collusion to condemn dissident voices. “There are no rights in Cuba, there is no humanity. It’s complicated because you can’t argue and come out victorious because it’s a dictatorship.”

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