4 thoughts on “Havana Times Team

  • There is no print edition and many of our readers in Cuba receive a text only e-mail edition of the articles. Some of those forward articles to other Cubans with email accounts. Obviously readership would potentially grow greatly if Internet was accessible to most Cubans. Thanks for your interest.

  • Your team is doing one great job and I love to read HT. But, I wonder how many people on the island could read HT. Is there any hard copy of HT?

  • HT: To whomever is laboring to bring these picture comparison puzzles to readers: Bravo! Your work is a delight. (And what a way to make people pay attention to the content of photos! It makes still images interactive and sort of converts them into mini-movies.)

  • Once again, Circles you are just out of this world..as are those young people whom you have encouraged to speak truth to power.
    However, i still believe that Yordanka, will be my favorite for yrs to come. Suffice, that her writings came full circle during the Juanes concert this weekend ( i am in Miami now) Suffice, that i was able to realize a few more constants. ..You will find my writings taking on a more human, less aggressive nature in the future however, not to say that i will change overnight, but as with anything..i am willing to work on this new Milagros…

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