ALBA Supports Ecuador in Assange Case

Julian Assange. Photo: Democracy Now.

HAVANA TIMES – Ecuador received the unanimous support of the ALBA countries in its decision to grant asylum to Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, reported TeleSur from Guayaquil.

The South American country is under threat from the United Kingdom to invade its embassy in London, to arrest and extradite Assange to Sweden to face charges of rape and sexual abuse.

Many, including Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa, believe that if sent to Sweden, Assange would then be delivered to the United States to face charges of violating national security and a possible death sentence for making public thousands of secret U.S. government cables.

The following is the Final Declaration of the special meeting of the ALBA countries:

1. – Rejects intimidating threats uttered by the UK against Ecuador.

2. – Ratifies categorical support for the sovereign right of the government of Ecuador to grant diplomatic asylum to Julian Assange.

3. – Expresses its rejection of the United Kingdom position to resolve controversies in a manner that violates international law.

4. – Supports the call of UNASUR [Union of South American Nations] to discuss the hostile stance of the United Kingdom.

5. – Considers relevant the promotion of a broad debate in the United Nations about the inviolability of diplomatic premises.

6. – Warns the government of the United Kingdom about the consequences that would be triggered in the event of an attack on the territorial integrity of Ecuador.

7. – It calls on governments, social movements and the intelligentsia around the world, to oppose this attitude United Kingdom.

8. – Is committed to making every effort to give the widest publicity and this declaration.

One thought on “ALBA Supports Ecuador in Assange Case

  • So it has finally happend. A one single man stands against world wide imperialistic mafia. unthinkable.. yet it’s true. Julian is already incredible hero that took the task of saving the world. So it’s not capt. America or other BS character against vampires, space invaders, ghosts and other phony creepies – it’s a man – flesh and blood – uncovering crimes committed against humanity by the very true – flesh and blood evil as we know today. And look who’s NUMBER ONE getting the hot seat! The very entity hiding behind big words of freedom, democracy, equality and justice. Hijackers of these words are facing a man, a real life John Connor. People of a whatever free world we have left should gather behind him in support for the fight with deception, corruption, murder and plunder. Julian has started something incredibly big and I just hope its a dawn of of a new free world. Ecuador came out as first fighting unit – hope others will follow.

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