Capriles Suspends March in Caracas

Henrique Capriles.

HAVANA TIMES — Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles suspended the march scheduled for tomorrow to the National Electoral Council (CNE) in Caracas, where he will present documents to demand an audit of Sunday’s presidential election.

“I was warned that the government intends to infiltrate people into the march I had called at the CNE in Caracas (…) This is a struggle to know the truth (…) We are not going to rally tomorrow, I ask you [his supporters] not to come out. Whoever comes out is on the side of violence,” said Capriles, adding that “the government wants deaths. ”

The government candidate Nicolas Maduro was proclaimed president by the CNE on Monday amid opposition protests that do not recognize that he won with 50.75 percent of the vote (7,563,747) compared to 48.97 percent for Capriles (7,298,491).

“When I told him (Maduro) to recount the votes, he said he had to consult, with whom? With Raul Castro? With someone out there who we don’t know? That’s the problem of leadership that is not built, ” said Capriles.  He assured that the CNE and the government had accepted the audit process that he had requested: “The parties were in agreement but hours later everything changed.”

“Wherever you go, people are asking for the recount and they say that Capriles won,” said the opposition leader, who said that “if the government wants to be legitimate they must accept the recount.”

Capriles said that Venezuela is in “a political crisis” and that “all” they are asking for is that the recount take place. “Count the papers with the votes,” and compare them with the registration rolls and tally sheets. He also presented a long list of alleged irregularities.

One thought on “Capriles Suspends March in Caracas

  • What a hypocrit is this man. He knows damned well the he has to sollicitate the counting of the left 46% formally to the CNE, that`s what the law specifies. He never did that. And I´m pretty sure he never will. He knowes why. Everything he says is just manoeuvre while mobilizing his gangs to attack cooperatives, medical centers, cuban doctors and their families and killing a few people. This looser never will admit that he had lost again, he has to fight if he doest want to loose the millions being payed for him by USAID, PP espanol and others.. Because they don´t like to invest their money into loosers. So he runs around like a blaring goat, repeating over and over the same things without being able to give any evidence. He just used this argument of fraude to make tumble Maduro by all means together with the usual aid of his allied in the US, EU. Maduro himself said, he would not object any recounting. But Capriles uses all the well nown recipes of fascist destabilication to reach his goal and the goal of the ones behind him, by all means, saying something different every two minutes. And what his word is worth wile he has already shown: what did he say before the election: he would accept any result. Strangely enough , maybe due to a defect brain ore some kind of demencia praecox,,he could not remeber anymore. personally I just want to say that it would be a pleasure to me , after all that had happened today and yesterday, that he finally would end up where he would have belonged to for already some years: in prison, reaclling again the attack on the Cuban embassy,being linked to lethal terrorist acts agains Danilo Anderson, active in the coup d ´état against Chavez, linked to the escuadas de la muerte and d`Aubuisson. What more do you want from a real US-backed defendor of freedom and democracy? He`s the dream of every fascist on the whole american continent.

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