Chavez Can’t Speak but Gives Orders

Venezuelan VP Nicolas Maduro. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — Venezuelan VP, Nicolás Maduro revealed over the weekend that President Hugo Chavez, met members of his cabinet for five and a half hours, reported PULSAR news.

Maduro said that President Chavez communicated in writing to give orders and was “very energetic”.

The vice president said Chavez continues to suffer from respiratory problems and is breathing through a tracheal cannula and continues to be treated for cancer.

The Venezuelan president continues in the Military Hospital in Caracas where he was taken immediately after his arrival from Cuba last week.

Maduro said that there were three working sessions and Chavez was very energetic, with courage, strength and vitality. He said one of the fundamental issues during the meetings was the Venezuelan economy.

The vice president said a set of proposals have been drafted to strengthen the economy, maintain the fight against inflation, and maintain public investment.

Maduro said Chavez remains “in charge and is the Commander in Chief. Here there is only one president and his name is Hugo Chavez Frias. We are his assistants, his soldiers, activists in the cause of Chavez and we do what he tells us.”


One thought on “Chavez Can’t Speak but Gives Orders

  • Energetic? Strength and vitality? Pleeeeease! He can host 5 and a half hour staff meetings but can’t meet with his Bolivian counterpart Evo Morales for five minutes? If the photos taken last week are to be believed why not make a video? I am convinced that the American public would not put up with this charade if a US President was likewise debilitated. Are Venezuelans really this gullible?

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