Chavez Is Battling for His Life, says VP

Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro. File photo from PULSAR

HAVANA TIMES – Given the recent rumors about the possible death of the Venezuelan president, VP Nicolás Maduro said today that Hugo Chavez is currently battling for his health and life, reported PULSAR news service.

Maduro explained that the president is facing a delicate health condition “simply because he gave his all for the poor and worked tirelessly without rest for the Venezuelan people.”

Hugo Chavez is being treated at the Military Hospital in Caracas since February 18 when he was transferred from Havana, Cuba, where he underwent delicate surgery to treat cancer in the “pelvic area”.  It was his fourth such operation in a year and  a half.

Maduro also rejected the Venezuelan opposition demands for proof of the state of health of President Chavez. The vice president accused the opposition of treason and said they will never believe any information the government provides the Venezuelan people about the health of Hugo Chavez.

While Maduro said the president has lived hard times after his surgery in Cuba, he  insisted that Chavez is still giving orders despite his breathing difficulties.

11 thoughts on “Chavez Is Battling for His Life, says VP

  • i wonder what this has to do with this thread because there is no famine in Venezuela and the country is not communist nor socialist and is still a capitalist country but if you are speaking of some food shortages and the hoarding and cut off of supply where thousands of tons of food by the many capitalist companies such as POLAR have been hidden in warehouses or sold on the black market, then their have been problems.

    This is called a capitalist strike, same as they have done to the money supply which is called investment and the closing of factories and layoffs and slowly are being address but the grassroots, militants groups and Marxists have called for the expropriation of the levers of real power which are economic and controlled by the banks, large companies and such which are both the national and international bourgeois.

  • And forced famine is the friend of Communism.

  • All very well said.

  • Circles,

    I acknowledge that fact. Of the various stories Spain ABC has published on Chavez over the past year, about half have panned out as false. So take it as a report on what the current rumours are.


    While I’m no fan of Chavez, and perhaps I see more flaws than you do, but I have to agree. He was never anything like the human monsters Saddam, Hitler or Gaddafi. Even on his worst day, not even close.

    Was Hugo a dictator? No, not yet. But it is my opinion he was taking his regime in that direction.

  • Destabilizing rumors have filled Venezuela social networks for days now. This shows the desperation of the bourgeoisie and their fellow travelers internationally in this concerted effort. President Chavez is still alive, there are no riots looting or coups taking place and the masses of people still support the revolution.

    Do not fall into their game comrades.

    Rojo Rojito

  • Crocodile tears! Hypocrite! You are a necrophile, bestowing death-wishes for Fidel ever since your disgusting figure appeared here, and now for Chávez! And worse – invoking Godwin’s law even! It’s no secret that the US henchmen didn’t stop at the 2002 coup, as Wikileaks cables revealed the CIA’s dirty fingers disguised as Stratfor fundings for the Venezuelan right-wingers right up to the 2012 elections! Hands off Venezuela!

  • Cancer seems to be one of imperialism’s best friends.

    Best wishes to Hugo and the embattled Venezuelan people.

  • President Chavez is not a dictator as you infer, nor should he be put in a group of sadists as you have done Moses.

    Maduro is his own worst enemy and should stop commenting and being in campaign mode as he is.

    Whatever is President Chavez status, the Bolivarian revolution started before him and we continue after and this gossip of death and bs should stop.

  • Note: ABC like the newspaper El Pais have been publishing unconfirmed speculation from the beginning, including a false picture of Chavez in the hospital in Cuba. The war of the bad news (from unidentified sources), good news (from the Venezuelan government) reports continue between those who would like to see Chavez dead and those who aspire for his recovery.

  • Above all, our humanity demands that we must give pause when any life is lost. As Hitler spent his last hours burrowed himself in his bunker, or as Gaddafi hid in a water pipe, or Saddam Hussein in his prison cell, I can only hope that their final moments were spent in some sort or reflection on…how badly they screwed the pooch! Why the heck are the leadership around Chavez still lying on this man? If he is really fighting for his life, why would he spend even a moment more as President? What manner of arrogance do these despots possess? If he is able to communicate, it should be with his children and grandchildren. He should use whatever voice he can muster to resign and focus on saving his own life. The resignation of Pope Benedict should be a lesson to even the most narcissitic dictator. The integrity of the office is more important than the man. I can hardly believe that the Venezuelan people do not expect more than this.

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