Coup Attempt Foiled in Venezuela

Nicolas Maduro announces that a coup attempt has been foiled with the arrest of three air force generals. Photo:

Says President Maduro

HAVANA TIMES — The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, reported today before a mission of foreign ministers of the Union of South American Nations (Unsaur) that his government had foiled a coup plot, with the arrest last night of three air force generals, reported dpa.

The foreign ministers arrived to accompany the efforts of dialogue and peace proposed by Maduro, to end the anti-government protests that started last month and have left dozens dead and hundreds of wounded.

In welcoming the foreign ministers of UNASUR at the seat of government, Maduro said his administration faces a continuing coup plan and that last night three generals plotting to rise up were arrested.

“I have a surprise for you here, last night three air force generals who were under investigation were arrested thanks to the powerful moral of our Armed Forces. Three generals who sought to lead the Air Force against the legitimately constituted government and who will now be brought before the courts,” he said.

Once again Maduro blamed the opposition for the violence in the country to promote chaos and destabilization with the protests against the government, which after six weeks have left 35 dead and hundreds injured.

He added that the opposition has abandoned the electoral path it took on from 2006, during the tenure of late President Hugo Chavez, and allowed itself to be “dragged towards a shortcut” and proof of this is the rebel movement in the Armed Forces.

Maduro said that one of the detained generals has “links” with sectors of the opposition, who claimed that this week was “crucial” to the political situation in the country.

“Unfortunately the career of these officers is for having listened to advice from those who want to destroy democracy, selling the idea of popular discontent. Where isn’t there discontent? There will always be protests, struggles, a strike, especially with the democracy existing in the region. In the case of Venezuela there are guarantees for the right to political and electoral struggle,” he said.

Maduro said that a plan to destabilize the country and justify a coup is underway in Venezuela, “with more homicides and destabilization” planned.

“If Venezuela was destabilized, rest assured, we will never surrender, we would fight alongside with the social, military and political forces, but Latin America, the Caribbean, South America would live a process of very serious destabilization. That’s why it is important that UNASUR is active to accompany the democratic process in our countries and help strengthen the climate of peace, “he added.

Maduro said he hopes the Unasur delegation will support the truth commission created by the National Assembly (Congress), in which the opposition is not participating, for the investigation of this “ongoing coup attempt against Venezuela.”

Maduro noted that his government requested the visit of the Unasur political commission earlier this month in Chile, considering that it was necessary for the group to condemn the plots against his government.

The Unasur mission to Caracas is comprised of the foreign ministers of Argentina, Hector Timerman, Bolivia, David Choquehuanca, Brazil, Luiz Alberto Figueiredo, Colombia, María Ángela Holguín, Ecuador, Ricardo Patiño Aroca, Suriname, Winston Lackin, and Uruguay, Luis Almagro, in addition to the Venezuelan Elias Jaua.

10 thoughts on “Coup Attempt Foiled in Venezuela

  • I’m not “anti-Cuban”. I am pro-Cuba and pro-Cuban people. Those who support and defend the Castro regime are anti-Cuban, because the Castros have done more to harm Cuba than anybody else in history.

  • Venezuela provides Cuba with an estimated $8 billion per year. No way will Raul give that up without a fight.

    The Castro regime has a well funded and well trained intelligence service (according to former CIA analyst Brian Latell, the 2nd best in the world after the Mossad). Cuba also has a willing accomplice in Nicolas Maduro. There is clear evidence and of thousands of Cuban police, military and intelligence agents in Venezuela. The Chavista vigilante groups, the so-called Tupamaru, have been trained by Cuban agents in the well practiced methods of Cuba’s own repudiation mobs.

    Cuba does not lack for natural resources. If properly managed, the Cuban economy could be the wealthiest in the Caribbean. Alas, one of the reasons Cuba has so little money to spend on services for the Cuba people is because they spend far too much of their GDP on their police & MININT agents who suppress the people and keep the regime in power.

  • I believe Maduro as much as I believe Obama or any other leader for that matter….

  • You Anti-Cubans used to call Cuba nothing more than a satellite and pawn of the Soviet Union, and that it could never survive the fall of the USSR or the departure of Fidel, ect, ect. Now you tell us that Cuba, with 11 million people and little resources or money is dominating Venezuela, ( and probably Bolivia and Ecuador too), in the face of the US nonetheless.

  • I read the Capote interview. If you think hearsay and uncorroborated conjecture is fact, then arguing with you is a waste of time. This is one man’s recollection of events. He is hardly an unbiased observer. He undermines his already weak credibility when he opines on the corporate structure of western media and the relationship between social media and government. He has a right to his opinion, but this is far from fact and if you are gullible enough to take what he says as the gospel, then I have some real estate you should take a look at. That is if I can get you to move out of your mom’s basement.

  • It’s a matter of trust. I don’t trust the source. Besides, Maduro comes out every other day with his wild conspiracy plots and assassination attempts to the point where it’s become a joke even amongst his supporters.

    I personally believe that the US security agents have a presence in Venezuela, it would be foolish not to, but aren’t actively engaged in more than monitoring the situation. There is no need to as Maduro is his own worst enemy. Just leave him alone to do his thing and he’ll bring himself down.

    Your problem JG is that you and many other socialist see conspiracies everywhere you look. It’s a sort of personality defect of the disenfranchised. You personally give too much credit to the CIA

  • So, an agent of the Cuban state security agency, writing in a pro-Maduro website tells “a convincing tale”?

    Of course the US State Dept and CIA have a presence in Venezuela. it is also true that the Cuban state security service is active in Venezuela helping to put down the student protests and to ensure their man Maduro stays in power and to keep that vital oil flowing to Cuba.

    Anybody who claims to defend the sovereignty of Venezuela against US interference should also be concerned about Cuban interference in Venezuela.

  • For those interested in what the CIA is presently doing in backing the unrest in Venezuela I recommend an article in today’s ZNet : “The CIA’s Plans In Venezuela Are Far Advanced: Capote.
    Anyone familiar with U.S. foreign policy and its history knows full well that the CIA , USAID and other secret agencies are involved in these events that are all put on by the upper classes ( who lost the democratic elections) and which have little to no participation by the poor and working classes.
    Capote was a double agent for Cuba and tells a very convincing tale.
    To not believe Maduro’s claim of a coup attempt is to not believe historic fact and to totally ignore the modus operandi of the CIA and the U.S. government as history has recorded it.
    Moses, Disinformed Consent , this is another article you’ll both have to avoid because it is factual.

  • When Maduro reports his weekly reports of assassination plots, coup attempts and talking parrots, is there anyone who really believes him?

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