Ecuador Indigenous Communities Stage Anti-Government Protest

Heading for the capital, Quito.  Photo:
Heading for the capital, Quito. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE) today announced a nationwide uprising calling on the government to rectify a number of policies aimed at different sectors of the population, DPA reported.

The uprising was announced on Monday afternoon in Latacunga, located in the country’s center, when a rally of Amazonian natives arrived in the city.

During a ritual carried out on the road leading to the city, where fruits, plants and farming utensils were used, CONAIE chair Jorge Herrera officially declared the uprising and called on other peoples to gradually join the struggle.

He also declared that, as “a last resort,” protesters would meet head on with the government on the street, urging President Rafael Correa to “rectify the measures he wants to apply.”

Herrera announced that the uprising would be “gradual” and that different provinces would join the protest as it unfolds.

CONAIE asks the government to file away several pieces of proposed legislation establishing among other things taxes on inheritances and price increases, as well as changes to water and land legislation being reviewed by the parliament.

It also requests the filing away of constitutional amendments now being processed, one of which would allow for the indefinite reelection of the president and other elected authorities.

The demands are similar to those advanced by the indigenous protest and the workers and union strike to be staged on Thursday.

The indigenous uprising in Ecuador is a protest made up of assembly meetings, rallys and local demonstrations by indigenous communities across Ecuador.

Historically, these uprisings have paralyzed different activities around the country and blocked roads for several days.

Within this context, President Correa today called a closed meeting of government officials, members of the governing Alianza Pais (AP) movement, to review Ecuador’s current social situation.

Previously, during a public function in commemoration of the Ecuador’s struggle for independence, Correa stated that Ecuador would “overcome” this challenge and called on citizens to “work with zeal and enthusiasm” this coming Thursday, when the nationwide union and indigenous strike is to begin.