El Salvador: Sanchez Gets Razor-Thin Win

Salvador Sanchez. Foto: telesurtv.net

HAVANA TIMES — The El Salvadoran governing FMLN candidate, Salvador Sanchez, has apparently won a razor thin victory over rightwing ARENA’s Norman Quijano with 99.9% of the 10,445 polling places reporting.

The preliminary results show Sanchez with 50.11% (1,492,805) to Quijano’s 49.89% (1,486,448).

The close results were a big surprise as pre-election polls showed Sanchez up by over 10%.

Quijano was leading in seven of El Salvador’s 14 departments including the capital San Salvador.  Sanchez, who was the VP of the current president, Mauricio Funes, led in the other  seven departments.