Maduro Claims Chaos Would Ensue an Electoral Defeat

Nicolas Maduro
Nicolas Maduro

HAVANA TIMES — This past Thursday, in response to numerous surveys which place the opposition at the lead with regards to the legislative elections scheduled for December 6, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro declared that the country would be plunged into chaos were his government to lose the elections, DPA reported.

“We’d be heading straight into chaos. I took an oath. Under no circumstances will this man standing here, Nicolas Maduro, and our people hand over what the revolution has accomplished, nor will we betray the revolution. Let us prepare to defend this revolution wherever we are called on to defend it, and to win on December 6 whichever way we can,” he stated.

During an official function held in Venezuela’s eastern region of Anzoategui, Maduro declared that the opposition, which he refers to as the “oligarchy,” should pray for his government to win the elections.

“They should light candles and pray to their saints, pray the defenders of the revolution win the December 6 elections by a broad margin, because this country can be governed only by revolutionaries,” he affirmed.

Venezuelans will go to the polls to vote for the 167 members of National Assembly (Congress), and members of Maduro’s government appear behind in the polls.,_2015

Maduro again called on government supporters to win the elections “whichever way they can”, invoking the “economic war” he claims is being waged by companies that hoard products, to the detriment of the people.

He announced the government is preparing a new offensive to regulate and control prices, in order to halt the rising prices seen over past months. The campaign would entail prison sentences for distributors who set product prices on the basis of black market exchange rates.

He pointed out that the government is supplying dollars through regulated exchange mechanisms (at 6.3, 12 and 200 bolivars to the dollar), and that using the black market exchange rate (which is more than 800 bolivars to the dollar) to set product prices is illegal.

Maduro declared that authorities will monitor product prices, such that these never represent profits above 30 percent of production costs, in order to guarantee “fair prices.”

Inflation in Venezuela has skyrocketed this year, exceeding 100 percent according to some independent sources. The government has stopped releasing official inflation figures.

Venezuela is Cuba’s most important economic ally, supplying the country with all its imported oil at preferential prices.

7 thoughts on “Maduro Claims Chaos Would Ensue an Electoral Defeat

  • Nicolas Maduro:

    “…If we allow them. Because if they dared, in the horror movie, we’ll turn their TV off. And we know how to. A word to the wise… is enough.

    You get to praying, rightist oligarchs, that the Revolution triumphs on December 6th. Get to praying. From right now. So that there’s peace and calm. And you get that off your shoulders. Because otherwise, we’ll take to the streets. And in the streets we are to be feared, you hear me? We’re better off here in peace, governing for the people, everyone happy, pensions for the elder, homes for the people, public education and The Revolution moving forward, right?”

    Translation: CSL

  • Gross incompetence. Madura and his team should resign. Let a new team voted in by the public give it a new try. Pathetic how Maduro projects his on incompetence on to others.

  • You supply the reference and then we can look at the context. Forcing a population to vote under threat of violence and aggression is also undemocratic. I won’t bother asking whether you support this.

  • He actually said it. What could be more UN-democratic than the cancelling of an election simply because you think you are going to lose. Do you really support this?

  • If Fidel actually said this he was absolutely correct. US aggression through the contras had brought the country to its knees and people would have voted for anything that brought in peace. They then in a subsequent election threatened the electorate saying they wouldn’t countenance the Sandinistas winning. In other words they were willing to restart the military action. History has shown that as soon as they felt confident the Nicaraguan people voted Ortega back into office. The contras – where are they now without US support.

  • There’s a good chance that Ma-burro will postpone or cancel the election altogether. His mentor and puppet-master, Fidel Castro, once criticized Nicaragua’s President Ortega for “holding an election he might lose”. I suspect that he has given Ma-burro the same advice.

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