President Maduro Threatens Intensified Socialism for Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, photo:

HAVANA TIMES — Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called on Sunday for actions to be taken against the country’s independent media for reporting of mass shortages of consumer goods. He warned that continuing the “economic war” against the people would bring on a new stage in the country’s revolution.

The president said he had set a date in October to see if it the “right” end its “economic war” against the people. Otherwise, he said, the country will enter a new phase of the “socialist revolution”, reported dpa news.

“I have set a date in October. If by then we still see pernicious, unconstitutional and illegal actions consisting of psychological terrorism and economic warfare against democracy policy, we will take special measures to take another step in the Bolivarian revolution, another stage in the revolution will come,” he said.

At a ceremony in Caracas with leaders of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Maduro said “we cannot be innocent or weak, since there is a lot at stake in the destiny of the nation.”

“The people know that they have a man (himself) who can be trusted to lead this revolution on the path we must take, always with the Constitution, on a new and rapid new stage. If the war against the people continues, they will see the face of this Constitution and I will summon the people and the Armed Forces to a new stage of socialist revolution. Prepare yourselves for great battles,” he advised.

Maduro claimed that the headlines in the private media cause panic buying and such a growing demand creates the scarcity of consumer goods, experienced for several months.

He stated that the rightwing opposition has prepared a plan so that October is the month of the “total collapse” of the economy, believing that the Bolivarian revolution is in its last days.

“They have drawn on a crazy dynamic, to harm the country. They’ve gone to ‘guerrilla war’ sabotaging electricity power to villages. We’ve been facing this economic war, but now it has a psychological component provided by the newspaper headlines informing what products are going to be absent at the markets,” he said .

Maduro called on the Attorney General Luisa Ortega, to assess “special measures” to punish this “psychological warfare by the print, television and radio media against the people’s food security.”

“There can be no impunity. Such actions aren’t allowed even in the world’s most developed countries. That’s propaganda war,” said Maduro.

“I ask the prosecutor to act sternly against those who continue with the war. In Venezuela there is freedom of expression, but there can be no freedom to destroy the people and make war on them, we cannot accept that,” he added.

Maduro urged his supporters to prepare for October, which he dubbed the month of “combat readiness and revolutionary victory and the month for deployment of popular struggle.”

5 thoughts on “President Maduro Threatens Intensified Socialism for Venezuela

  • You are not well informed or paying attention. The corrupt and cynical leaders of the so-called Bolivarian Revolution are too busy filling their pockets to give a hoot about the Venezuelan poor.

  • Attempting to silence independent media will not work. Even Venezuelans, through the internet, text messages, social media and simple word of mouth, will be able to circumvent media controls to spread the word about shortages. The more intelligent strategy is to improve the credibility of government-controlled media sources, thereby discrediting independent media. But then, who can accuse Maduro of doing ANYTHING intelligent?

  • I can’t wait until the Bolivarian Revolution expropriates the capitalists completely.

  • what will he do, expropriate the rest of the private sector? cuba did this in 1968 and now is reversing that disastrous policy. china embraced free market reforms and now the economy is thriving. venezuela should at least learn from these two socialist allies.

  • Maduro is insane. The Venezuelan economy has been ruined by the socialist policies established by Chavez. His solution is to threaten more socialism, more censorship and increased repression. Meanwhile, the corrupt Bolibourgoisie which these policies have enriched continue to fleece the country. All of this backed up by thousands of Cuban “advisors”, intelligence agents and soldiers stationed in their South American colony.

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