Putin Restates Russia’s Support for Maduro in Venezuela

By Peter Spinella (dpa)

Presidents Maduro and Putin. Photo: sputnik

HAVANA TIMES – Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday in a show of support for the Venezuelan leader amid mounting pressure from the United States.

Putin reaffirmed Russia’s support for Maduro as Venezuela’s “legitimate authority” and noted the close military ties between the countries, according to opening comments transcribed for the public.

Russia, one of the crisis-hit Venezuelan government’s strongest backers, expressed support earlier this month for Maduro’s efforts to counter “attempts by the United States to change the legally elected government.”

Russian defense specialists have conducted at least two publicized visits to Venezuela this year as the countries maintain close military ties.

Putin noted strengthening economic ties, saying trade had increased 10 per cent in recent months, and pledged to provide medical supplies to Venezuela as part of a humanitarian effort.

Putin also encouraged Maduro to negotiate with Venezuela’s political opposition, saying it would be “irrational” not to.

Maduro replied that together with Russia, Venezuela could “overcome any difficulties.” He noted ongoing talks with Russia for providing food and medical supplies, among other issues.

The US, which wants Maduro to resign as the oil-dependent South American state teeters on the brink of collapse, broadened its sanctions against Venezuela’s oil sector this week.

“Venezuela’s oil belongs to the Venezuelan people and should not be used as a bargaining tool to prop up dictators,” US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement.

Maduro announced his visit to Russia on Monday, shortly after the Organization of American States, which comprises all countries of North and South America, adopted a resolution condemning Maduro’s government as an “illegitimate regime.”

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8 thoughts on “Putin Restates Russia’s Support for Maduro in Venezuela

  • The UN says Maduro uses death squads in large numbers against his own population.
    Not surprised Putin supports it.

  • Don’t forget The US current debt of 22 Trillion ‘ dollars. This year alone is 1 trillion dollars mostly going to ‘ defense ‘- The War Dept in past years- and tax breaks for corporations.

  • Thanks heaven for the internet to keep informed. US so called main stream media is so controlled.

  • Putin doesn’t have the resources to fund the Cuban regime. China still does have the resources, but aids other countries as a form of economic colonialism. Hence the ever increasing indebtedness of Cuba to China. All those Yutong coaches and Geely junk cars are provided on credit. The difficulty is that Cuba’s two currencies the peso and the Cuban Convertible are not recognized internationally – in short, outside Cuba they are worthless – and China eventually will seek hard cash – or subservience!
    Guess why Cuban TV regularly shows long programs about China, its communist history, culture and even the squeaky music?

  • Putin was described by his KGB boss, Nikolai Leonov as “mediocre”. But Nick is correct.

  • If Putin is a true Socialist then why is he not helping the Cuban in their hour of need? or do the Cuban government not wish for Putin’s help? because if that is the case then surely other powerful leaders with some spare cash could step in?

  • Putin backed trump.
    Now he backs Maduro.
    Where I come from that’s called ‘an each way bet’.
    He’s so crafty he coulda played for the KGB.
    Wait a minute…….
    He did !!

  • Russia, not to be confused with the former Soviet Union, has its own economic challenges with the falling value of its currency and relatively low oil prices for its exports is in a weakened position to support the moribund Venezuelan economy. Less so, Russian military support of Venezuela is of little import to US calculations. These photo ops between Putin and Maduro are intended to fool the Venezuelan people into believing that the Maduro regime has international support. Russian medical supplies can not replace the shortages of medicines that Venezuelans currently are facing.

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