Russian Defense Minister Assures Venezuela of Help against US

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and his Venezuelan counterpart Vladimir Padrino in Moscow. Foto:

HAVANA TIMES – Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu expressed support on Thursday for oil-rich Venezuela’s efforts to counter “attempts by the United States to change the legally elected government,” reported dpa news.

Shoigu made the comment at a meeting with Venezuelan counterpart Vladimir Padrino Lopez in Moscow, according to excerpts of their conversation carried by the Russian state news agency TASS.

“We support the efforts of Venezuela aimed at carrying out an independent foreign policy and fighting the attempts by the US to change the legally elected government,” Shoigu was quoted as saying.

Russia is one of the crisis-hit Venezuelan government’s strongest backers, along with China and Cuba, having provided billions of dollars in credit to the South American country in recent years.

Amid food and medicine shortages, Venezuela’s oil-dependent economy has teetered on the verge of collapse, inciting mass protests against President Nicolas Maduro.

The United States has condemned Maduro and backs his political rival, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, who has declared himself interim president.

Russian defense specialists have conducted at least two publicized visits to Venezuela this year as the countries maintain close military ties.

11 thoughts on “Russian Defense Minister Assures Venezuela of Help against US

  • Remember Kevin when your hero Maduro eventually flees, that he who laughs last, laughs longest. As for Simon Bolivar, he is much admired for his numerous battles against the Spanish “ignorance, tyranny and vice”. That is understandable, for he emerged from the Age of Enlightenment and was a particular admirer of the Scottish Enlightenment – carrying a copy with him of Adam Smith’s ‘The Wealth of Nations’ and also as a Freemason – initiated in 1803 – being conferred as a Master Mason in the “Scottish Mother of St, Alexander of Scotland”. Bolivar much admired the US revolution and having no children of his own, paid for his nephew to attend the Philidelphia Germantown Academy and the University of Virginia.
    Virtually all political parties in South America claim Bolivar as one of their own, so you are far from being a sole admirer!
    I have nothing to “get over”, for I address the future and Maduro will be but a footnote to the history of Hugo Chavez and failed Marxist policies.

  • MacDuff you really should go and get checked!! A reality check would be a really good place to start!! President Maduro will not give in to 2- Donkeys who think that they control the whole world and we both know who they are!! Like I said before, ” Get over it” You have failed Miserably!! Viva Simon Bolivar!!!!

  • Notice Brad that Curt was unable to explain what Russia has done that is useful !

  • Maduro is an obvious unpopular incompetent dictator.
    A million percent inflation, little food or medicine and millions fleeing the failed state of Venezuela.

  • So what has Russia done that is useful?

  • I note with considerable amusement Kevin that you have appointed yourself as representative of “We the people” – I on the other hand believe in democratic elections – so why don’t you stand as a candidate?
    Just watch and see Kevin – the clock is ticking for Maduro. As for elections, as I have qouted Stalin eleswhere, let me do so again.
    “People who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
    Where were the independent observers when Maduro was “elected”.
    Finally the idea that the corpulent Maduro will be a-round forever is really funny! A good one! One can imagine hearing the medals clang as they burst off his belly and hit the floor.

  • At least Russia is doing something useful besides interfering on US elections.

  • Tick tock! Tick tock!! Ya time is really running out for bullies of the world! Karma!! What goes around comes around 10- fold and then some!! We the people have spoken!! Expect Us!!

  • You sir are a madman!! The President of Venezula was voted in by the people of Venezuela!! President Maduro will always be the President of Venezuela!! Get over it ? cry babies!! Get a life!

  • You wish. Don’t believe your country’s propaganda. You know all governments maintain a propaganda machine for their agenda and so do all well established corporations. ” The Attention Merchants” are always at it 24/7. I am looking for a mental Oasis and I am going to find it too for sanity’s sake. Have a nice day !

  • Putin’s Russia will make gestures, but won’t engage in active military defence of Venezuela. Putin has his hands full in Syria and in struggling to maintain the Russian steadily declining economy increasingly dependent upon oil. China is wagging Putin’s tail – the Chinese don’t have partners – only debtors!
    For Maduro, the clock is ticking – tick tock – until he eventually seeks refuge in Cuba where although greeted with a fanfare by Raul and puppet Diaz-Canel he will only add to existing problems.

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