Snowden Seeking Asylum in Ecuador

Rally in Hong Kong supporting Eduard Snowden. Photo:
Rally in Hong Kong supporting Eduard Snowden. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — Hunted by the United States, whistleblower Eduard Snowden will seek asylum in Ecuador, reports RT news from Moscow on Sunday.

Ecuador, which is also sheltering WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at its embassy in London, has received an asylum requested from Snowden, informed Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño.

Snowden is expected to arrive in Moscow on Sunday afternoon from Hong Kong, in a stopover en route to one of several countries including Ecuador, Iceland, Cuba and Venezuela.

Credited with alerting the US population on the massive surveillance of citizens being conducted by the National Security Agency, Snowden has become a cause célèbre around the world and a villain in Washington government circles at the same time.

The 27-year-old former CIA employee is reportedly traveling with an attorney associated with WikiLeaks, notes the L.A. Times.

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  • Much ado about nothing. He is living what Andy Warhol called his “15 minutes of fame”. When his time expires, nothing will have changed. Then, of course, Oliver Stone will make a movie about him.

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