Uruguayan President Mujica Gives Stranded Worker a Lift

Jose Mujica

HAVANA TIMES — A Uruguayan worker reported today that, while stranded on the highway, he was picked up and given a lift by none other than the country’s president, Jose Mujica, and his wife, senator Lucia Topolanski, DPA reported.

“They’re amazing. Something like 25 or 30 cars had driven by and none stopped,” the man, who works for a forestry company based in Colonia, to the west of Montevideo, commented today.

“It was a short drive, but they were very kind. When I got off, I thanked them immensely, because not everyone is willing to help someone stranded on the road, much less a president,” said the man, who has identified himself as Gerhald Acosta.

The incident took place mid-morning on Monday, but was made public on Thursday, when a local newspaper published the photos Acosta took while in the car with his fleeting traveling companions.