11 Arrested at Pro-Choice Protest as Florida Senate Approves Six-Week Abortion Ban

Photo: @PPactionFL

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – Florida’s Republican-controlled state Senate has approved a near-total ban on abortion. The measure, which is backed by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, prohibits abortions in most cases after just six weeks. During a floor debate in Florida’s state Senate Monday, Jacksonville Democrat Tracie Davis condemned the bill as an unprecedented government overreach into the lives of women, and shared her own story of having an abortion.

Sen. Tracie Davis: “I refused to have anyone make me feel ashamed, and to not acknowledge it. And no woman should have to feel ashamed because she decided to have an abortion. But now we’re talking about a six-week abortion ban. And you’ve heard it from many women on this floor: Most women don’t even know they’re pregnant by the time they’re in the sixth week.”

On Monday evening, at least 11 people were arrested at a pro-choice protest that erupted outside Tallahassee’s City Hall. Among those taken into custody were Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried and state Senate Minority Leader Lauren Book.

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