HAVANA TIMES — A group of seven dancers from the National Ballet of Cuba left the prestigious company in the middle of last March in Mexico, en route to the United States, reported the Café Fuerte website on Tuesday.

Six of the artists, who had been touring Mexico with the famous dance troupe, have already crossed the border and are in Miami, where they requested “political asylum” from US authorities.

“We were determined to find a better artistic life and economic well-being for our families,” said dancer Annie Ruiz Diaz, 24, who confessed that the group planned their escape to the US while in Cuba.

This new departure comes a month after 21 members of the legendary Los Guaracheros de Regla carnival dance revue slipped away from their company while in Mexico to also head for the United States.

As usual in such cases, the Cuban media does not report when artists or athletes decide to seek their fortune elsewhere.

9 thoughts on “7 Dancers Abandon Cuban Ballet for USA

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  • Mr Patterson, what makes you think these dancers were born into elite homes in Vedado and Miramar and had easy access to flat screens and laptops???? They may have acquired a flat screen and a computer in their travels abroad, painfully saving on their per diem. Actually, they may have been the only reason why their parents and siblings ever enjoyed such fancy appliances in their homes. Many ballet dancers in Cuba and certainly many ballet students come from a humble or average background. The Cuban ballet schools are free, you know? And though everything costs something (resources, transportation, special diets, etc) most Cuban children with enough physical conditions may enter a ballet school regardless of their family’s economic and social status. I am not saying there isn’t any ‘sociolismo’ in this context, but it is not common currency. I went to art school in Cuba, in a province, and I met many ballet students; they were mostly guajiritos and guajiritas without a penny and made it at least to the ENA (National School of Art) in Havana.

    Everything else you say is kind of true, factually, but so trite in form, are you not bored of the sound of your own angry commonplace?

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