8.5 Million Cubans Can Go to the Polls

HAVANA TIMES — The registration of voters for the upcoming general elections in Cuba already includes 8.5 million people, said Julio Torres, a member of the National Electoral Commission (CEN), who spoke on Thursday in Havana.

Under the plan, lists of voters should be made available to the public on September 22 for people to review them and request adjustments or amendments. Any changes to be made will be done through the electoral authorities in the respective provinces, said the spokesman to the Prensa Latina news agency.

Alina Balseiro, the president of NEC, added, “We are assured of the equipment (computers, printers, as well as other equipment) for the planned activity at the polls, which for the first time will include an automated system designed for the balloting.”

The general elections will begin on October 21 with the selection of delegates to municipal assemblies for terms of two and a half years. However, there is still no word as to when provincial delegates and deputies to parliament will be elected.

2 thoughts on “8.5 Million Cubans Can Go to the Polls

  • Wow, Julio, great comment about what it’s like in the US and Canada – not being able to choose the leaders we want! Very accurate, what we are up against. You WERE writing about us were you not?

  • Ah to be able to vote, but not being able to choose the real leaders you like….

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