Action Against Racism in Cuba

An earlier event held by the Cofradia de la Negritud.

HAVANA TIMES, May 16 — The fraternal organization “Cofradia de la Negritud” (the Negritude Brotherhood) has called for another action against racism in Havana.

This time it is set for for Sunday, May 20, on the occasion of the centenary of the initiation of the armed protest by the “Partido Independiente de Color” (Independent Party of Color).

The Cofradia, whose members also include members of the Critical Observatory Network, was founded several years ago to provide settings for criticizing, reflecting on and speaking out against “unfavorable situations” of the non-white population on the island.

“Few people know about the history of the Independent Party of Color or the slaughter of many of its members,” said Cuban filmmaker Gloria Rolando in an interview with IPS, referring to her independently produced documentary series “1912: Breaking the Silence.”

Her film speaks of the more than 3,000 people killed in 1912 in a backlash against the organization led by Pedro Evaristo Estenoz Ivonet that sought to combat racism in the nascent republic.

The activity is open to the public and takes place this Sunday May 20, at 10:00 a.m. in front of the plaque marking the founding of the Partido Independiente de Color, at 63 Amargura St., en La Habana.

3 thoughts on “Action Against Racism in Cuba

  • My grandfather was one of the orig organizers of the “Partido Independiente de Color”

  • The talk mof racism should take place However as i have said many times before One must live it to know it..And laws and legislation nor marches and riots will change mans heart..Youth will make those changes simply by being visible!..To all of the writers I thank u

  • I support fully this event. Would like to expand on it, but messages continue to bump. Please advise.

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