Air Pollution Plummets Worldwide Amid Coronavirus Lockdowns

By Democracy Now


HAVANA TIMES – In environmental news, the snow-capped Himalayas are visible from cities in northern India for the first time in 30 years, as pollution levels have dropped dramatically since the enactment of a nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

Los Angeles saw some of the cleanest air of any city in the world this week, as the dark smog and pollution that usually clouds the city’s skyline have dissipated under California’s strict stay-at-home measures.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration is set to open more than 100 national wildlife refuges to hunting and fishing. The plan would allow fishing for the first time at several wildlife refuges, including the San Diego Bay and the Everglades Headwaters in Florida.

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2 thoughts on “Air Pollution Plummets Worldwide Amid Coronavirus Lockdowns

  • Mr. MacDuff : You are right about that given Trump’s record of officialdom.

  • Trump will eventually issue licences for game hunting in the US zoos! If it moves, SHOOT IT and then put on the hat, a dab of scent or powder and pose!
    Is it possible that the people of Bejing can now actually see each other?

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