Alan Gross Desperate in his Cuba Jail

Alan Gross in Cuba before his arrest.

Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES — US agent Alan Gross, 63, is getting desperate in a Cuban jail where he is serving the third year of a 15-year sentence for endangering the island’s national security.

Gross, who was arrested when working for US-AID contractor Development Alternatives Inc., wants to be released in order to see his ailing 90-year-old mother who is dying from lung cancer, reported CNN on Saturday.

In a telephone conversation with the TV network, Gross said “I feel like a hostage” noting his lawyer had asked for permission to return to the US on humanitarian grounds.

“My lawyer and I have written for permission to visit her,” Gross said. “I would return to Cuba if they let me visit my mother before she dies.”

But the chance of Gross returning to his island jail if granted permission to go to the US is not considered very likely.

When he was sentenced back in March 2011, the Cuban court said that in his numerous trips to Cuba, Gross had created secret networks to provide access to the Internet to help opposition groups organize against the government of Raul Castro, noted dpa news agency.

Despite the admission that Gross worked undercover in a program that promotes regime change in Cuba, the US government says he was not a spy and was just trying to help out Jewish groups on the island.

Prisoner Swap

Ever since Gross was arrested, tried and sentenced, analysts have put his case on the table with that of the Cuban Five, sentenced for spying in the US after they infiltrated Miami based organizations with a history of terrorist acts against Cuba and its interests abroad.

While the US State Department has repeatedly denied that any negotiation for a prisoner swap was being considered, Cuba has hinted that it would consider such a move, leaving the ball and the fate of Gross in Washington’s court.

Meanwhile, in a rekindling of terrorist activity in South Florida, on April 29th the Airline Brokers travel agency, which features legal travel to Cuba for Cuban-Americans and authorized groups of other US citizens, was fire-bombed at their Coral Gables offices.


4 thoughts on “Alan Gross Desperate in his Cuba Jail

  • What is the name of the prison or jail that alan Gross is in, in Cuba?

  • Alan Gross’s conversation with Wolf Blitzer is full of contradictions and worth listening to. One is struck by the relaxed tone of his remarks and that in principle he supports a prisoner exchange.

    The video is at


    I would find Mr. Gross more persuasive if he also criticized the US government for its refusal to negotiate on his behalf and was more honest about what he did and its illegality, as in his own accounts reported by Associated Press.

    It is unlikely that a similar conversation could happen between a Havana TV station and any of the four Cubans still in prison in the US but it should be tried.

    John McAuliff
    Fund for Reconciliation and Development

  • Well US never cared about their spies, while communists always tried to get them back. Why? Human capital can be substituted. As long as they don´t get the Miami 5 free, Gross will stay in prison. But anyone thinks the hatefilled exiles care about that? They only want the Cubans suffer for having kicked them out and US government for being left and caring about its people.

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