Alan Gross’s Family Asks the Pope for Help

HAVANA TIMES, March 9 – The family of American Alan Gross, who is serving a sentence of 15 years in prison in Cuba, has appealed to Pope Benedict XVI to intercede for his release, reported Thursday Cubaencuentro.

According to the note, Gross’s lawyer, Peter Kahn said that the prisoner’s of had made ??this request to the Pope through various intermediaries.

Alan Gross, 62, was arrested in December 2009 and convicted of “acts against the independence or territorial integrity of the state” as a result of smuggling into the island illegally sophisticated telecommunications equipment.

Pope Benedict XVI will be in Cuba from March 26-28.

2 thoughts on “Alan Gross’s Family Asks the Pope for Help

  • In the short term, the only way for Alan Gross to be released is for both the US and Cuba to indicate to the Pope that they would respond positively to an appeal on his part that Alan and the Cuban Five be released for humanitarian reasons.

    Neither government believes that its agent or agents were doing wrong or were treated fairly.

    The bottom line is that the US feels it has the right to intervene in Cuba and other countries if it disagrees with their political systems, in this case to create an independent satellite linked encryptable internet node that was accessible to anyone in the vicinity, not just the announced recipients in the Jewish community.

    In the case of Cuba the presumption of a right to intervene is a problem that has plagued our relationship for more than a century and is exacerbated by the agenda of exiles.

    Judy Gross and her lawyer have unfortunately linked her husband’s fate to supporting US policy and spin rather than challenging it. They ignore the lesson of Gilad Shalit’s case where the pressure of his family and supporters on Israel’s government was responsible for his exchange in an even more asymmetric bargain than the Cubans want.

    Alan will not win release by denial of the serious illegality of his actions under Cuban law, or for that matter under US law had he been an unregistered agent of a hostile foreign power operating covertly here.

    John McAuliff
    Fund for Reconciliation and Development

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