Alarming Physical and Psychological Torture of Lesther Aleman

File photo of Lesther Aleman / EFE

He can barely stand up. He is weak and malnourished

By 100% Noticias – EFE

HAVANA TIMES – The Nicaraguan University Alliance (AUN) has alerted that student and member of the AUN, Lesther Aleman, is physically and psychologically ailing. This Thursday his initial hearing was held, and those present were shocked to see that Alemán needed assistance to walk. He could barely lift himself out of his chair, and he needed to be held up in order to walk.

Alemán was ordered to be tried for alleged “conspiracy to undermine the national integrity.”

The AUN alert addresses “the deterioration of his physical health and the current psychological condition of the youth leader Lesther Alemán.” 100% Noticias learned that his feet are numb, they hurt and have lost feeling.

“Lesther Aleman’s condition is serious and worrisome, as a result of intense interrogations, psychological torture, and the practically nonexistent communication with his relatives and lawyers,” AUN reported.

Aleman’s torturers tell him that his family has already abandoned him, that the media does not report on his case, and that the international community has also forgotten all about him. They receive very little food in the infamous El Chipote jail, which is why Alemán is obviously malnourished and pale. He has lost weight, the same as how family members of the other 31 political prisoners jailed at El Chipote have described their relatives after finally being allowed a brief visit last week.

Aleman’s mother visited him a week ago and saw that he was very thin. The food he receives is insufficient. It is very little, leaving him hungry. His relatives are only allowed to provide him with water.

There is concern about Aleman’s life. It is feared that he will not be able to withstand his confinement in El Chipote, where he is interrogated every day.

On Thursday September 9th, 100% Noticias learned that Aleman’s defense attorney requested a medical evaluation. The 23-year-old Aleman is in a cell with sportswriter Miguel Mendoza.


Editors Note: President Daniel Ortega and his wife-VP Rosario Murillo have a special hate for the student who called them out at the May 2018 dialogue for the murders of dozens of young people in the streets throughout the country.  By the end of the Operation Clean-up crackdown of 2018 at least 328 persons were killed, 2,000 wounded and over 100,000 were forced to flee the country, mainly to Costa Rica.

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