Amnesty: Nicaragua preparing ‘new phase of repression’

Erika Guevara-Rosas. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega’s government “appears to be preparing for a new phase of repression” against the opposition, Amnesty International said on Wednesday.

Ortega governs the Central American country since 2007. The former revolutionary cracked down on a protest wave starting in April 2018. More than 300 people were killed and hundreds arrested, reported dpa news.

Erika Guevara-Rosas, Amnesty’s Americas director, referred to the recent presentation of the Law for the Regulation of Foreign Agents and the Special Law on Cyber-crime before Nicaragua’s National Assembly.

“After several weeks of intensified state repression against activists, human rights defenders and journalists, the ruling party presented two bills that attempt to silence those who criticize government policies, inform the population and defend human rights,” she said.

“The ruling FSLN party presented the new legislation days after the president expressed interest in initiating a reform to establish life imprisonment. Such a law could be used to punish those who raise their voices against repressive policies,” Guevara-Rosas added.

There was no immediate reaction from the Nicaraguan government.

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