Ana Margarita Vijil, from the El Chipote Jail in Nicaragua:

“We can’t just ‘wipe the slate clean and start over’

A Free Country to Live!  Ana Nargarita Vijil

Message from the political prisoner in El Chipote, on January 22, remembering the massacre by the the Somoza dictatorship

By Confidencial

HAVANA TIMES – Pinita Gurdián, the mother of political prisoner Ana Margarita Vijil, visited her daughter on Saturday, January 22 at the El Chipote jail, and then shared the following message from Ana Margarita.

I am just coming from my visit with my daughter Ana Margarita, who has been imprisoned in isolation for 7 months and nine days in the El Chipote jail.  She asked me to send this message to the people of Nicaragua on her behalf.

She told me:

“Today is January 22, a day when we commemorate a massacre carried out by the Somoza dictatorship.

All dictatorships are the same, in all countries, and at all times.

With the current dictatorship we have also suffered massacres, prisons, persecution and exile.

This is why we can’t just “wipe the slate clean and start over” in Nicaragua. We will never forget those who have been murdered, and we cannot start over until there is justice without impunity.

All of us, with our efforts, are bringing about the development of a new country where corruption does not exist, and where we can live in peace and democracy, with opportunities for all Nicaraguans.

Good will always triumph over evil, and although today we live in dark times, let’s remember that the night is never darker than just before the dawn.

Here nobody is giving up!”


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