Another House Collapses in Havana, What’s Next for the Survivors?

Marina Castro sits on the ruins of her home which collapsed during the rains on Thursday afternoon. Photo: Enrique de la Osa


By Wilfredo Cancio Isla  (Café Fuerte)

HAVANA TIMES – Marina Castro and her son managed to save their lives by chance.

Marina was the owner of the house that collapsed in the Cerro neighborhood due to heavy rains that lashed the Cuban capital on Thursday afternoon.

This extraordinary photo testimony is by Enrique de la Osa, one of the most astute photojournalists working in Cuba.

The die was cast for this family. Marina, 57, had gone that afternoon to the Clinical Surgical Hospital of Diez de Octubre, better known as La Dependiente, to treat the rheumatism she suffers.  She also has had heart surgery. Her son was also not home.

A total loss

Marina has saved her life with her son, but she has lost everything else. In her dramatic situation, suffering from health problems and daily needs, now deprived of a roof and perhaps condemned to a homeless shelter, she deserves special attention.

Maybe it can be a human-interest story for some of the agitators of exhausted and demagogic politics who are talking away at the X Congress of the Cuban Journalists Association (UPEC), in Havana, promising to take the island’s journalism closer to the needs of the population.

It would be at least advisable for some of the government’s reporters go to this impoverished neighborhood of Cerro to have a look and listen to what Marina deserves as a Cuban citizen.

May Cuba accompany her. Another miracle is needed.

2 thoughts on “Another House Collapses in Havana, What’s Next for the Survivors?

  • Socialism is supposed to look after its subjects from the cradle to the grave. So what is the Castro regime doing for this lady?

  • Ones heart bleeds for this poor lady. Only a free press can properly present the views of people and fully explain the circumstances in situations like this one, for it has nothing to hide. The photograph captures the misery of the lady’s plight.

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