Argentine Senate Tells US to End Cuba Blockade

HAVANA TIMES, May 18 — The extra-territorial US blockade on Cuba, which also affects businesses of third countries wanting to trade with the island, received a new rejection over the weekend. The Senate of Argentina passed a resolution asking Washington to lift the blockade.

In the text, the legislators note the damaging effects of the blockade on the Cuban economy over a half century of US sanctions, as successive governments in Washington tried to end the Cuban Revolution, reported IPS.

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez has also been one of the many Latin American voices advising President Obama to put an end to the time-worn policy of relentless hostility towards Cuba.

The Cold War ended nearly 20 years ago but the US policy against Cuba continues. Unlike the scene during the 1960s, when all Latin American countries except Mexico broke off ties with Cuba under pressure from the US, now the only two countries without diplomatic relations with the island are El Salvador and the US.

El Salvador president-elect Mauricio Funes has said when he takes office in June he will restore ties with Cuba, which will leave Washington totally by itself. Most observers see the ball in President Obama’s court to seek change or maintain the status quo.