Artist Ai Weiwei Protests in Support of Julian Assange

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In London, Chinese dissident artist and filmmaker Ai Weiwei staged a protest Monday in support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in front of the courthouse where Assange’s extradition hearing is ongoing.

Ai Weiwei: “Someone threatened to be put away, simply of his own thinking and his peaceful demonstration. And he’s such a genius, in a way. I think the fight is part of his life. And, of course, I am here in support of him.”

Assange faces almost certain conviction if extradited to the U.S., and up to 175 years in prison. Assange has been charged under the Espionage Act. U.S. prosecutors allege he conspired with whistleblower Chelsea Manning to illegally download hundreds of thousands of war logs from Iraq and Afghanistan, along with a huge trove of classified cables from the State Department.

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2 thoughts on “Artist Ai Weiwei Protests in Support of Julian Assange

  • Although there is a natural sympathy for people like Manning and Assange, their actions have severe effects upon national security and can cost lives. If their convictions are sincere, then they must be prepared for the consequences of their treason.

    As an example, Kim Philby the MI6 officer who had been a member of the “Cambridge Five” during the 1930’s, cost the lives of 117 agents. He died a drunkard, in Moscow having fled there believing that he held the rank of Colonel in the KGB – only to find that the Russians had lied to him and that he was merely a pawn, and having deserted his second wife who was pregnant with his fourth child. When he was old and lonely, there was a group of his former upper class pals in the UK, who started a campaign to allow “dear old Kim” to be allowed to return to the “old country” for his final years. I recall being told by one who knew:

    “If he returns to the UK, he won’t live two weeks.”

    The world of espionage is not for the weak hearted.

    Al Weiwei’s concerns are misplaced.

  • “Assange faces almost certain conviction if extradited to the U.S.” Well, gee, just maybe that’s because he’s guilty.
    The “up to 175 years in prison” is just typical of the way Assange manipulates public opinion. I hope that Ai Weiwei realizes that he will never get a word of thanks from Assange.

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