Biden Admin Cancels Emergency to Build Trump’s Wall

By Democaracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – The Biden administration has canceled a Trump-era national emergency order to allocate government funding for the construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall. This comes as immigrant justice advocates continue to denounce President Biden’s interest in ramping up surveillance technology at the southern border, which opponents refer to as a “virtual wall.”

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3 thoughts on “Biden Admin Cancels Emergency to Build Trump’s Wall

  • Armando;

    America can’t afford to think about its struggling citizens’ because it uses all of its tax dollars to support its 800 or so military or naval bases spread around the borders of Asia, China and Russia.
    Think of the upkeep costs for these 800 bases – fuel, food, equipment necessary for maintenance, wages, entertainment, bullets, bombs, missiles, drones, war planes, ships, hospitals and supplies for same..
    Then, take the cost of operating 17 Acronym divisions of the CIA, like USAID, NED, etc.
    Add to that the financing of NGO Dissident Activities’ In almost every country in the world, in order to cause regime-change activities to replace the attacked countries Democratically-elected government with a US-leaning, Puppet-president, then stealing the attacked country’s Natural Resources.
    This is, and ALWAYS been, the United States Government’s modus operandi.

    Don from Northern Canada

  • Yes it was Trump’s wall and that’s why his moving to Florida meant the end of the wall. Having lived on the border many years I also look forward to what exists of the eyesore being torn down. And yes, maybe not hate, but as the editor I have no love for Trump and his racist, xenophobic and sexist policies and beliefs. If you are truly worried about safety in the USA, take a good look at the crowd that obeyed Trump’s call to storm the capitol building, calling to hang the vice president and kill some congresspeople. And frankly, if you think the US is a socialist country you must have smoked some pretty strong dope.

  • I need to correct Havana times. This is not trumps wall. This is a barrier to add to the safety of American citizens from the extremely dangerous southern border. Sorry to see your prejudices and hate shining thru. It is not for Americans to take care of the worlds problems. America already is in a socialist takeover mess and Americans are struggling. America needs to think about its own citizens at this time.

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