Biden: US Wants”Real Change” in Cuba

Havana newsstand.
Havana newsstand.

HAVANA TIMES — US Vice President Joe Biden said today that Washington believes that Cuba has made some “small encouraging signs” of change but that the Obama administration still wants to see “real change” leading to a “democratic” future of the island.

At the same time, he warned that the imprisonment of US agent Alan Gross in Havana is still one of the main obstacles to a dialogue with Cuba, reported DPA news.

“We have seen some small encouraging signs as the release of political prisoners, the lifting of travel restrictions and small economic reforms,” ??Biden said in his keynote speech to the 43rd Conference of the Americas at the State Department in Washington.

However, he criticized what he called the continuing “abuse and arrest” of people who want to express an opinion different from the official policy of the island.

Therefore, he said, although the Obama administration has made some gestures toward liberalization of Cuba travel and remittances for Cuban-Americans, the ultimate goal is still seeing a democratic island and that the US would continue working in that direction.

“What we really want to do is encourage the next level of cooperation in Cuba, (encourage) real changes, significant, permanent, the type of peaceful democratic change and courageous that Cubans like (the late dissident) Oswaldo Paya have defended,” said Biden.

That is why “we will continue taking steps to support the Cuban people and the prosperous democratic future they deserve,” he said.

In any dialogue with Havana the case of Alan Gross continues to weigh heavy, Biden reiterated.

The Vice President recalled that even “many of those who support more involvement in Cuba” have spoken out in favor of Gross’s release and he assured that the Obama administration is “working on it”.

71 thoughts on “Biden: US Wants”Real Change” in Cuba

  • May 16, 2013 at 9:00 am

    What “pisses me off” is that Cubans have no real choice, Dan Christensen.
    What “pisses me off” is that there are no free and fair elections in Cuba.
    What “pisses me off” is that the Castro constitution made Cuba a one party state controlled by a corrupt elite.
    If the dissidents indeed had no chance in an open elections the Castro regime would not have to resort to their abusive system.
    The fact the regime has to resort to disallowing free an fair elections where voters can chose from candidates of all political persuasions exposes your lies.
    The do so for a reason. the regime knows it would lose.
    The regime’s actions speak louder than your propaganda words, Dan Christensen.
    Those opposing Castro on’t want another dictatorship, Dan Christensen. To the contrary. they wants a free and open democracy.

  • May 15, 2013 at 9:45 pm

    You are just pissed off that your “dissident” pals can’t seem to get anywhere within the system. To the extent that anyone in Cuba knows about them at all, they are seen as traitors in the pay of that belligerent and genocidal superpower to the North. (Your beloved embargo seems to backfired in this regard. It has strengthened rather than weakened the resolve of the people.)

    Your own man in Havana has written off these “dissidents” of yous as bunch of money-grubbing losers who couldn’t get elected dog-catchers, losers who have shown absolutely no capacity to lead. In his despair, he conceded that the next generation of leaders will, in all likelihood, come for the mid-ranks of the current government. (see WikiLeaks)

    In Cuba, the majority really does rule. They will never go back to your “good old days” under a US-backed dictatorship.

  • May 15, 2013 at 6:11 pm

    sure it`s defending human right to try to wreck the country…. as long as it`s against commies, it`s human rights ! ?

  • May 15, 2013 at 3:00 pm

    The party is just another organization controlled by the dictatorship.
    So are all other organizations that are involved in the process of vetting and selecting the so-called candidates for these utterly controlled elections.
    By these I mean the Committees for the defense of the revolution that control the process to select the acceptable candidates for the local elections. These were set up with the help of the Stasi (state security) of East Germany and other communist security agencies. Their purpose is to report any dissent. Not supporting the proposed candidates can be dangerous.
    These pre-approved candidates then propose the candidates for national elections together with the mass organizations (unions, federation of women, …) which the regime also controls. Without their approval nobody gets on the ballot.

    In short and exposing Dan Christensen’s fallacy: it is the party that is the issue that ensures there are no free and fair elections: its is the regime. To claim the party has no role is denying reality as the single party in this one party state and all other organizations in the country are no more than fronts of the regime that controls them all.

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