Bolivia’s Evo Morales Visits Maduro in Venezuela

Evo Morales traveled from Argentina to visit with his close ally Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. Photo

HAVANA TIMES – Bolivia’s former president Evo Morales has travelled to Venezuela from Argentina, where he was living in exile, reported dpa news. 

Morales reportedly flew in a plane with the colours of Venezuela’s state airline, taking off from Buenos Aires’ international airport, Argentina’s state news agency Telam reported on Saturday, citing official sources.

CNN Espanol reported that Morales wanted to meet Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, and would return to Argentina in the near future.

Morales’ former economy minister, Luis Arce, officially won Bolivia’s presidential election last weekend.

Morales, the first indigenous head of state of the South American country, resigned last year after nearly 14 years in office, following pressure from the military.

The Organization of American States (OAS) accused him of fraud in elections in which he claimed victory a year ago, a charge that researchers have since questioned.

Morales and his supporters said there had been a coup.

He left first for Mexico, before leaving for Argentina shortly afterwards, when a leftist government came to power in December.

Last week, Morales said he would return to his home country sooner or later, though under Bolivia’s interim conservative government he has faced several investigations, including on terror charges.

Venezuela was one of the closest allies of the Morales government.

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4 thoughts on “Bolivia’s Evo Morales Visits Maduro in Venezuela

  • Ian G obviously is an adherent to totalitarian rule. Wonder which dictatorship he chooses to live under.

  • Glad to see President Morales in talks with President Maduro.

    He needs to send the U.S. packing and leave only have a U.S. Charge de Affairs in Bolivia. In addition, stop sending military and police to the U.S. for any training. That “training” is only to bribe these military and police personnel for future coups in Bolivia.

    He needs to advise the new President Luis Arce to start a civilian militia as Venezuela did that can act as supplement to fight U.S.-CIA future proxy wars.

    Finally, work with the Chinese, Russians and Socialist countries to form alliances to counter U.S. and European Hegemony.

    This will not be easy, but can be accomplished.

  • Hahaha! What advice could Maduro give Morales? He may say that he went to visit with Maduro but the truth is he probably went to talk with Maduro’s Cuban puppetmasters. Either way, 21st century socialism is dead and stinking.

  • Bolivia has enough problems – Morales would be well advised to abandon any of Maduro’s policies or methods if he cares for his fellow countrymen.

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