Bolsonaro Has Early Lead over Lula, Runoff Likely

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (left) and Jair Bolsonaro traded insults on the opening day of the election campaign

By Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES – While the polls showed former president Lula da Silva as a potential first round winner in Brazil’s presidential election on Sunday partial returns (60%) show the incumbent president Jair Bolsonaro, known as the Brazilian Trump, holding a slight lead of just under one percentage point 46.1 – 45.2%

There were nine other candidates that appear to garner less than 9% of the votes cast among them all.

As Brazilians went to vote today virtually all the pre-election polls had Lula ahead by at least 10 percentage points and there was talk he might win outright on the first round of voting which requires 50% of the valid ballots cast. Now, as the voting results come in, that possibility seems out of the question and it is also very doubtful that Bolsonaro will succeed at a first round majority.

So far in the voting Lula has been strongest in the northeast of Brazil with Bolsonaro ahead in most other regions of the country including Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, and Amazonas.

If the results thus far hold it will be Bolsonaro vs. Lula in an October 30th runoff election.

Brazil is the largest and most populated country in Latin America.

[Editor’s Note: with 99.6% of the votes counted Lula is now ahead with 48.32% to Bolsonaro’s 43.29%]

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  • October 3, 2022 at 1:23 pm

    Go Lula! Hopefully that fascist extremist scumbag Bolsanaro won’t get re-elected!

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